Modern workflows for project management

When complex projects span tools and teams, Unito’s deep, two-way integrations allow you to build the workflows you need to make sure everything gets done the right way. No more manual updates. No more lost information.

Align teams, foster collaboration, and enable productivity

Break down project silos

Empower people to work together, no matter what tools they use. Every project manager, collaborator, and client can have access to the information they need at all stages of a cross-functional, or cross-company project.

Keep projects up to date, automatically

Build a master plan in your favorite tool and watch Unito keep it up-to-date automatically. As your team completes their tasks or you make adjustments to your plan, all changes will be reflected instantly — no matter their origin.

Project reporting made easy

Don’t spend hours manually building reports. Two-way integrations mean all stakeholders can track the advancement and status of initiatives without worrying about inaccuracies or outdated data.

Client project management

Are you an agency, consultant, or freelancer managing multiple client projects? Ease your project management efforts and sync your preferred tools to your client’s tools. Build a master project from which you can manage and prioritize the work of multiple clients from a single view.

"Since using Unito our teams were able to seamlessly integrate Trello and Jira. This allowed us to continue our work on Trello without losing sight of our own project management workflow, knowing that other teams get what they need on Jira. With so many great sync features and awesome tech support, we couldn't ask for more."

Eitan Teomi @ National Notary Association

Unito project management workflows in action

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