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With Unito’s two-way GitHub integrations, developers can collaborate with anyone, no matter which tool they’re using. Sync GitHub issues to other tools to get real-time feedback and approval without leaving your repos.

Popular GitHub integrations

Connect GitHub and Trello

Collaborate with business teams in Trello or use it as a roadmapping tool for your GitHub backlog.

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Connect GitHub and Jira

Integrate the most important tools in your development stack for simpler coordination of issue tracking and version control.

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Connect GitHub and

Coordinate cross-functional development projects in GitHub with collaborators or clients using

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Connect GitHub and ClickUp

Build a development request triage within ClickUp to easily filter and prioritize issues before they land in GitHub.

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Unito supports the following GitHub fields

GitHub field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assignee Supported Supported
Author Supported
Comment Supported Supported
Description Supported Supported
Issue number Supported
Issue type Supported
Label Supported Supported
Link to issue Supported
Milestone Supported Supported
Milestone due date Supported
Repository name Supported
State Supported Supported
Title Supported Supported

"It is easy to set up, integrates well with Trello and Github, and acts as an invisible member of our team that keeps us aligned."

Nathaniel N , Senior Software Developer, Agile & Scrum Coach @ Management Control Systems Ltd

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