GitHub Integration

Simplify your development workflow while collaborating with other teams using GitHub and Unito.


Thinking about syncing GitHub? Choose your second tool to find out more.

Who Uses
Unito and GitHub

  • Developers looking to share progress on requests from other teams.
  • Team leads who need a visual overview of development work.
  • Customer service teams who want visibility into technical issues.

How GitHub and Unito can eliminate barriers to fast, effective development

Unito & GitHub

Among version control software tools, GitHub stands out for its openness. As an open-source tool, it encourages its community of developers to learn and share code. This had led to widespread adoption of GitHub as a tool for all stages of the development cycle.

Yet, for a company that distinguishes itself through its openness, GitHub is still fairly restricted to developers. You won’t find another department using version control software to organize its own projects. This creates barriers when a development project requires the involvement of other teams in the organization.

With Unito, GitHub becomes a tool accessible to everyone. It can be synced to widely-used work management tools, allowing collaborators to work in an environment where they’re comfortable. No one needs to learn a new tool or resort to emails and meetings to share input. And complex dev projects can be organized in a way that anyone in the organization, from the top down, can understand.

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