5 Must-Have, Printable To Do List Templates

To do list templates

When you’ve got complex tasks to manage and multiple deadlines to maintain, it can be hard knowing exactly where to start. While there are countless scheduling and organizational tools available, sometimes what you need is a classic to do list template. 

To do lists help you break down your tasks into more achievable pieces, so you can more easily schedule, manage, and track your time without feeling overwhelmed. While digital to do list apps can be valuable, many of us already have more apps than we can handle. A to do list template that you can keep as a digital document or even print out might just be what the doctor ordered. 

In addition to being simpler and more visible, research shows that the act of writing something down can actually help you remember information better. Plus, is there anything better than physically crossing out a completed task? With that in mind, here are five free, printable to do list templates. 

1. An every day to do list template

What is it? 

When it comes to your everyday to do list, simpler is often better. This to do list lets you input your list of tasks for the day, organized however you wish. You don’t need to worry about including end dates, assignees, and other stakeholders, or listing your priorities. 

This list is for when your brain feels overwhelmed with tons of tasks and mounting responsibilities and you simply need a space to write them all down before you forget. The goal of this to do list template is to write down tasks or reminders as they occur, without spending too much time organizing them. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone. This simple, everyday to do list template can be used both in a professional and personal context. It’s great for beginner project managers all the way up to CEOs. It’s especially useful for those who don’t find more detailed to do list templates helpful, and who would rather organize their information in their own way. 

Download the template 

2. A weekly to do list template

What is it? 

If you often find yourself experiencing the “Sunday Scaries” — the familiar dread that accompanies Sunday nights before work on Monday — this weekly to do list template can help. 

As this discomfort is often related to anxiety about the week ahead, this to do list gives you a place to write down and organize your main weekly objectives so that you can regain a sense of control and direction. 

It gives you a clear overview of your next seven days so you can get a sense of what’s upcoming at a glance. You can choose to write down everything you know you have to achieve that week, or just your top priorities. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone, but especially busy project managers who need to get a handle on their week. 

Download the template 

3. A project-specific to do list template

What is it? 

While you’re undoubtedly using a digital project management tool, having a pen and paper to do list template is a common sight on any project manager’s desk. 

This template gives you the opportunity to sit down and plan out the tasks before scheduling them in your pm tool. It also allows you to quickly reference the task list and project process at any time. 

For example, if you’re in a Zoom meeting and sharing your screen when somebody asks a question about the task or who is responsible for what, you’re able to look at your written out to do list and easily answer their question — without having to switch between tabs or log-in to your project management tool. 

Who is it for? 

Project managers who are managing many initiatives, timelines, and stakeholders.

Download the template

4. A prioritization to do list template

What is it? 

The prioritization to do list helps you organize your tasks based on their priority. While a basic to do list is great for relieving your brain of all possible tasks and information, the prioritization list takes it a step further. 

Here, you’re empowered to add a priority level to your list of tasks so that you know which ones need to be addressed first based on importance. You can assign a priority level based on whether there are dependencies, whether it is something requested by a manager or executive, or any other factor that you feel adds weight to a task. 

This to do list template can be used as a weekly, daily, or even monthly priority and goals organizer based on your specific needs.  

Who is it for? 

This template is a great tool for managers and works best when used in coordination with other members of the team. Something that is a priority for one person might not be for others, so this template can help build alignment collective priorities. 

Download the template

5. An advanced to do list template

What is it? 

Sometimes you need a bit more information in order to do your job efficiently. This to do list template gives you space for extra details such as start and end dates, status, priority, assignee, and any additional notes you may have. 

Where your project management tool probably covers these fields, with this template you can have all of the detail you need sitting on your desk. 

Who is it for? 

Busy project managers who are working on multiple complex projects at once and want a printable to do list to complement their online project management tools. 

Download the template

How to build a better to do list in your project management tool

One of the most challenging parts of trying to organize a to do list within your preferred project management is that tasks come in from all different sources. People ask for things via email or Slack; they assign work from tools that you don’t actually use on a day-to-day basis; heck, you might even get a request from a colleague while you’re eating lunch.

So how do you consolidate all of these tasks into a single, digestible view so you can kick-off your work day productively?

A workflow management platform like Unito allows you to integrate key business tools to streamline collaboration across teams. In doing so, it eliminates the challenge of trying to consolidate tasks coming from multiple different tools. You can build the to do list workflow that perfectly suits you, and automatically centralize and prioritize your tasks. 

Check out how Unito’s growth specialist Graham Mann organizes his own personal to do list for inspiration.

Just to do it

Whether you’re looking for a way to get ahead of your weekly tasks or need a way to prioritize multiple projects, a to do list template gives you a tangible way of organizing your time and schedule.