Free Webinar: A Full Walkthrough of Unito’s Workflow Offering

Free webinar - Unito workflow walkthrough

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Unito has evolved to meet business leaders’ needs
  • What’s changed in Unito and the value these changes can bring you
  • How to use the new and updated features
  • How you can use Unito for your specific use case

Unito was created to provide deep, two-way integrations that would allow everyone to work from their preferred tools. After several years of interacting with our customers, seeing how they work, and listening to their stories, it was clear that the needs of business leaders had evolved. 

Visibility in the work that’s happening in your teams;

Alignment on company strategy;

Collaboration without friction;

No time or effort lost on meaningless tasks.

These are the needs of business leaders today, and Unito has evolved to meet them.

With Unito’s no-code workflow management platform, you can create a visual layer of connectivity between all the tools where work is already happening in your organization, enable work data to flow seamlessly across them, then surface actionable insights into how teams are working together in your business.

Watch Gabrielle Lafontaine, Unito Product & Partner Marketing Manager, and Hannah Morgan, Unito’s Customer Success Specialist, as they share just how game-changing the new Unito can be for you.