There’s always more work to get done. In these articles, you’ll find techniques and ideas for increasing your productivity without burning out.

Logos for Google Sheets, Google Contacts, and Unito

How to Export Google Contacts to a Spreadsheet

Learn how to export Google Contacts to a spreadsheet automatically with Unito’s simple no-code, 2-way sync.

Logos for Unito, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets.

How to Sync Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets with Unito

Learn how to sync Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets and back with Unito’s automated, no-code, 2-way integration for spreadsheets.

How to Connect Intercom with Asana

Connect Intercom with Asana in a real-time sync between conversations and tasks w/ Unito’s automated no-code integration

How to Integrate Jira with Wrike

Connect Jira with Wrike in a 2-way real-time sync for issues and tasks through Unito’s automated no-code integration.

An hour glass, representing time blocking.

How To Get Your Productivity Back With Time Blocking

Is your work day getting away from you? You can’t add more time to your day, but you can be more intentional about what you do with it. How? Time blocking.

Salesforce Task Trello Card Sync

How to connect Salesforce and Trello

Share task details between Trello and Google Calendar with Unito’s automated 2-way sync.

Logos for Google Sheets and Unito, representing Unito's new Google Sheets integration

How to Connect HubSpot and Google Sheets to Simplify Sales Reporting

Learn to build an automated sales report, removing the burden of manual updates from your team. Similar steps apply to Microsoft Excel integrations.

How to Sync with Google Calendar

Share launch campaign info, dates, events and more between and Google Calendar with an automated 2-way sync.

Logos for notion and google calendar, representing embedding google calendar in Notion.

How to Sync Notion With Google Calendar To Build a More Visible Roadmap

Share your roadmap, important dates, times and more between Notion and Google Calendar with Unito’s automated 2-way sync.

A calendar, surrounded by logos for Notion and Google Calendar, representing a method to embed a Google Calendar.

How To Embed a Google Calendar in Notion (2 Methods)

Need to see your meetings in Notion? Here are two ways you can embed your Google Calendar events in a Notion page.

Slack logos, representing the slack productivity tips blog post.

Slack Productivity: 6 Tips for Teams of All Sizes

Slack, the instant-messaging app of choice for many, can either help or hinder your productivity. Here’s how to stay productive in Slack.