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Top management tools

The 19 Best Manager Tools for 2024

After incredible challenges, managers have been forced to rely on digital management tools more than ever. But while many were thrust into a new way of working overnight, you now have the luxury to take a step back and consider which tools will make your work life easier.

Unito eBook on 6 risks to marketing and IT, featuring expert insights from marketing and IT leaders at Meta, Okta, HubSpot, Salesforce, Dataiku, and PRA Group, with a foreword by Lekha Doshi, VP GTM Operations, LinkedIn.

eBook: 6 Risks Facing Marketing and IT in 2024

In this eBook, you’ll find interviews with 15 senior executives from marketing and IT backgrounds on how to align teams on shared business goals.

A cross hatch on a blue background.

How To Manage Your Cross-Functional Team With Agile

Learn how to maximize your cross-functional team’s effectiveness with an easy tutorial on agile methodology.

An illustration of two people sitting in a classroom setting, representing the Buy vs Build guide.

Guide: Build or Buy? Integration Acquisition 101

In this guide from Unito, you’ll learn how to pick between integrations you can just deploy pre-built or the ones you build yourself.

A group of people cheering, representing the all-hands meeting.

The All-Hands Meeting: What It Is and How To Do It Right

The all-hands meeting. Done right, it lets everyone know what’s going on with the business. Done wrong, it’s a bore. Here’s how to keep yours in the former category.

An illustration of a person talking by three laptops, representing a post about managing remote teams.

5 Essential Aspects of Managing Remote Teams

Leading a remote team and don’t know where to go for help? Look no further. Learn how to manage remote staff with 5 easy tips.

A screenshot of an abacus with an upward arrow, representing marketing analytics.

The Best Examples of Marketing Reports and KPIs in 2023

Marketing reporting lets marketing teams use data to make better decisions, focus on the right initiatives, and get more results.

An illustration of data flowing between two platforms, representing automated reporting.

The Ultimate Guide to Automated Reporting

With automated reporting, you can build reports faster and more accurately than you could manually. Here’s how that works.

3 Steps for Maximizing Cross-Functional Team Productivity

Learn how to boost cross-functional team productivity through clarifying roles, organizing tasks, improving communication, and aligning goals.

Two people cooking out of a pot, representing how to be more efficient.

How To Be More Efficient: 13 Tips To Get More Done at Work

Struggling to close out your tasks? Here’s how you can be more efficient, whether it’s a solo operation or a team effort.

An illustration of two people at the bottom of stairs leading up to a trophy, representing the sales leaderboard.

The Sales Leaderboard: What It Is and How to Make Your Own

With a sales leaderboard, you can appeal to that competitive side in every salesperson. Here’s how it works.