No matter your leadership style, your team needs you at the front. Learn how to show up, own up, and get the most out of your team.

What is onboarding?

What is Onboarding? A Definition, And Why You Should Take it Seriously

Learn about employee onboardings, a complete breakdown of the onboarding process, as well as best practices and why you should do it in the first place.

Types of Management Styles

5 Management Styles: Pros and Cons

How do you help your team get things done? Pick the right option from these management styles to be the leader your team deserves.


End Micromanagement: 6 Signs of Micromanagement (and What To Do Instead)

While micromanagement might feel like good-natured extra diligence — and the best way to keep your team on track — it’s actually a highly toxic workplace issue that will do more harm than good.

Top management tools

Essential Management Tools for 2022

After incredible challenges, managers have been forced to rely on digital management tools more than ever. But while many were thrust into a new way of working overnight, you now have the luxury to take a step back and consider which tools will make your work life easier.

A mirror, representing the retrospective

The Retrospective: What It Is and How To Run One

Ever get to a point where your team is asking “what the hell just happened?” That means it’s time to run a retrospective. Find out what a retrospective is, how it’s run, and the best tools for doing so.

A vending machine, representing vendor management

What is Vendor Management?

All companies depend on vendors; providers who fill a certain need. Restaurants need suppliers for their ingredients like tech companies often rely on vendors for their infrastructure. Find out how these relationships can be managed.

Corine Tan Sike Insights

Konas’ Corine Tan on the Importance of Soft Skills for Remote Management

We spoke with Corine Tan about how perceptions of remote work have changed and why she feels soft skills are the key to remote management success.

Value statement

Value Statement: How to Write One for Your Company [With Examples]

There’s never been a more crucial time to create or update your organization’s value statement. With more and more companies turning to remote work, this statement will help you ensure that your distributed team is aligned and engaged.

An illustration of post-its on a board, representing product management.

What Is Product Management?

Coming up with an idea for a new product is easy. Go to a hackathon or a startup meetup, and you’ll hear “this is the Uber of X” over and over again. The challenge is […]

One on one meetings

How to Get More Value From One on One Meetings: A Guide for Managers

One on ones can bring a huge amount of value to an employee, a manager, and an entire organization. They’re an opportunity to set your employees up for success, increase their happiness, and improve the overall performance of your team.

Getting feedback

How Reports Can Get Feedback From Managers and Stakeholders

You may have heard that millenials need more feedback than other generations. That may be true, but what is definitely true is that everyone can benefit from more feedback. Here’s your guide to getting the best feedback you can from managers and stakeholders alike.