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No matter your leadership style, your team needs you at the front. Learn how to show up, own up, and get the most out of your team.

A person holding a trophy overhead, representing performance goals for employees.

How To Help Employees Set Performance Goals (And 3 Examples) 

As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is helping guide your team as they grow. To do that, you have to help them set the right goals. Here’s how it’s done.

A flock of birds on wires, representing team kudos.

20 Examples of Team Kudos for Common Workplace Scenarios

Looking to show your team they’re appreciated? Here’s how you can keep your kudos relevant and impactful, along with a few examples you can use — we won’t tell anyone.

A group of people cheering, representing the all-hands meeting.

The All-Hands Meeting: What It Is and How To Do It Right

The all-hands meeting. Done right, it lets everyone know what’s going on with the business. Done wrong, it’s a bore. Here’s how to keep yours in the former category.

5 Ways to Reduce SaaS Spend and Costs While Boosting Efficiency

Under budget crunch, but can’t cut out apps? Here’s how to reduce SaaS spend and costs from licenses and seats while boosting efficiency.

A person going up an escalator, representing a scalable business.

What Is a Scalable Business? (And How You Can Build One)

If you’re building a business, you need to make sure it’s scalable. Otherwise it’ll struggle the moment you hit a speed bump. Here’s how you can build a scalable business, no matter what industry you’re in.

A cloud dispensing various shapes to two people, representing two-way sync.

Two-way Sync Is the Future of Work: Here’s Why

The integration landscape is full of different tools trying to do essentially the same thing: streamline workflows and smash tool silos. Here’s our take on why two-way sync is your best option (and always will be).

What is onboarding?

What is Onboarding? A Definition, And Why You Should Take it Seriously

Learn about employee onboardings, a complete breakdown of the onboarding process, as well as best practices and why you should do it in the first place.

Types of Management Styles

5 Management Styles: Pros and Cons

How do you help your team get things done? Pick the right option from these management styles to be the leader your team deserves.


End Micromanagement: 6 Signs of Micromanagement (and What To Do Instead)

While micromanagement might feel like good-natured extra diligence — and the best way to keep your team on track — it’s actually a highly toxic workplace issue that will do more harm than good.

Top management tools

Essential Management Tools for 2023

After incredible challenges, managers have been forced to rely on digital management tools more than ever. But while many were thrust into a new way of working overnight, you now have the luxury to take a step back and consider which tools will make your work life easier.

A mirror, representing the retrospective

The Retrospective: What It Is and How To Run One

Ever get to a point where your team is asking “what the hell just happened?” That means it’s time to run a retrospective. Find out what a retrospective is, how it’s run, and the best tools for doing so.