Jordan Burrows

Jordan has been at Unito for over six years. In that time, he’s been a Customer Success Manager, has led the customer success team, and now works as a Backend Developer. He has worked with Asana, Jira, GitHub, Zendesk, AWS, and DevOps. When not debugging code, Jordan is usually trying to break the latest CRPG or building engines in simulation games.
A robot reaching for a Notion logo, representing Notion automations.

Notion Automations: What They Are and How To Get the Best

Here’s a full breakdown of Notion automations, from how you can get one to how you can find the best opportunities to automate your Notion workflows.

Logos for Jira, representing building Jira dashboards.

How to Create a Jira Dashboard (2 Methods)

With a Jira dashboard, you can share what your software team is working on with other teams. You can either use Jira’s built-in dashboards or get a little help from Unito. Here’s how.

A robot, representing project management automation.

8 Transformative Ways You Can Use Project Management Automation (And Why)

Project management automation can save you time, eliminate mistakes from manual data entry, and more. Here’s our breakdown of how these automations work and what they’ll do for you.

A flow-chart, representing workflow management.

Workflow Management: What It Is and Why It Transforms Projects

Workflow management is how you keep your workflows productive and effective. Instead of letting your workflows run the show, you’re taking an active approaching in continually improving them. Here’s how it works.

Logos for Asana and Jira, representing the Asana-Jira integration

Break Developers Out of Their Silos With Unito’s 2-Way Asana-Jira Integration

Your developers and their leaders might love Jira, but not everyone does. What are you supposed to do when the rest of the organization runs on Asana? Leave your developers trapped in a tool silo? Not exactly.

Puzzle pieces representing the coordinated development workflow

What Is a Coordinated Development Workflow?

Tech companies live on the output of their developers. But developers need support from marketers, sales reps, cybersecurity experts, and more to thrive. Here’s how you can make your development team’s work more transparent so everyone can benefit.

A Beginner’s Guide to Jira

Jira is a powerful tool for project management and software development. Need help figuring it out? We’ve got you covered.

A Beginner’s Guide to GitLab

Tech teams grow at breakneck speeds, and solitary coders quickly become part of large teams. Learn how GitLab can help developers collaborate without the headaches.

Collaborating with Developers? Here’s Why You Should Build A Growth Marketing Team

Learn why building a growth marketing team is the most effective solution for collaboration issues between marketing and developers.