Charlie Whicher

Charlie is a Senior Product Manager at Unito, working with Unito’s developers on building the best integration platform on the market today. She has over seven years of experience working as a Product Manager in AI, HealthTech, and SaaS. She’s worked with Jira, Asana, GitHub, Trello, and many more software tools.
An illustration of looping lines on a grey background, representing collaborative develompent.

Automated Reporting Methodology: How to Build Your Report the Right Way

Automated reporting is all about streamlining the way you report on projects, but without the right methodology you won’t get very far.

A checklist with the Trello logo, representing project management.

Trello Project Management: How It Works and How It’s Done

An easy step-by-step tutorial (screenshot included). Learn the best ways to manage your tasks and deadlines using Trello!

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The 38 Best Free Notion Templates

Just opened up Notion and you’re not sure where to start? With these templates, you can get a handle on personal productivity, managing teams, and more.

Why SaaS Reporting Is Essential (And the Metrics You Need)

SaaS reporting is essential to determine if your SaaS business is growing or dying. Here’s what you need to get it right.

An illustration of a man climbing over a wall, representing data interpretation

Data Interpretation 101: How Project Managers Can Use Data To Make Better Decisions

Data is essential, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use it. Here’s a simple guide to data interpretation, along with some common pitfalls to avoid.

Logos for Asana and Trello, representing the Asana vs. Trello blog post

Asana vs. Trello: Which Project Management Tool Is Best for Your Team?

In this matchup, you’ll need to consider how each app manages tasks, how simple they are to learn, and how much they’ll cost you. Here’s our full breakdown.

The Google Sheets logo, with a dropdown menu on which Copy Template is highlighted, representing Google Sheets project management.

Google Sheets Project Management: What It Is and 22 Templates That Make It Easier

Thinking about managing your next project with Google Sheets? Here are 22 must-have templates that cover Gantt charts, project planning, monthly expense tracking, and more.

An open book, representing the user story.

The User Story: What It Is and How It’s Used

Want to find out what happens when you mash story time with software development? Learn the definition of the user story, get some examples, and find out how they’re used as a launchpad for development work.

A lightbulb, representing new project management tips for 2021.

9 Tips To Better Manage Your Projects in 2023

No matter how tough the last year has been, there are always new challenges ahead. As we go into 2023, it’s still important we take some of last year’s crucial lessons with us.

An illustration of a road, representing a product roadmap.

What Is a Product Roadmap? (With Tools and Templates)

There was a time when you needed to keep maps in your glove compartment just in case you got lost. Any company that needs to make sure they don’t stray from their core goals need a product roadmap to keep everyone aligned. Here’s what that is and how to build one.

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What Is a Project Coordinator?

When it comes to getting projects across the finish line, people usually look to the project managers. They’re the people with the plan and the training, and they’re the last line of defense when something goes wrong. But project managers don’t work alone, and there’s usually a network of people that serve as an in-between for project managers and their teams. That’s where project coordinators come in.