Amélie Moritz

Amélie is one of Unito’s Product Managers, working with the connectors squad on building new Unito integrations. Previously, she worked as a Project Manager and Scrum Master for five years, and before that was a Telecommunications and R&D Engineer for four years. She spends most of her workday between Asana and Jira, but also has experience with GitHub, Trello, and more. When she’s not wrangling developers, she’s either training for her next race or ripping through a great book.
A cross hatch on a blue background.

How To Manage Your Cross-Functional Team With Agile

Learn how to maximize your cross-functional team’s effectiveness with an easy tutorial on agile methodology.

A stack of toppling books stopped by a bookend, representing dependencies in project management

Dependencies: What They Are and How They Affect Project Management

Complicated projects often have dependencies, meaning some tasks can’t be completed until another task is done. Here’s how you can manage these tricky relationships.

A Unito workflow with the Trello logo at the center, representing the how to use Trello blog post.

A Guide to Trello for Beginners: Creating Boards, Cards, and More

Need a primer on using Trello? In Unito’s guide, you’ll learn how to create boards, how cards work, and more.

A person painting a self-portrait, representing the project management process.

The 5 Step Project Management Process That Guarantees Success

No matter what project you’re trying to run, here’s the process for taking it from early concept to completion every time.

The airtable logo on a checklist, representing airtable project management

Airtable Project Management: 4 Things You’ll Need

With a little bit of elbow grease, a tool like Airtable can be your staunchest ally against the endless challenges of project management. Here’s how you can make sure you start off on the right foot.

A rolling pin, a piece of dough, and heart-shaped cookie cutter. Represents the task templates blog post.

15 Task Templates To Get More Out of Your PM Tools

Many of the project management tools on the market have fully-featured templates you can use to build out your projects. Few have ready-made templates for single tasks. Here are some essential templates.

A folder holding three sheets of paper representing project management reports

6 Essential Project Management Reports (And 10 Tools You Can Use)

Project management reports help PMs keep stakeholders in the know. They can cover resource allocation, potential blockers, and more. Learn more about these essential reports and tools that can make them easier to build.

A pair of running shoes, representing sprint planning

What Is Sprint Planning and How Is It Done?

The Agile methodology uses sprints, two-week periods where developers crush tasks. But how do developers — and their leaders — figure out what they should focus on each sprint? Find out what sprint planning is, how it works, and get a free template for doing it yourself.

A looking glass and a finger cursor, representing a workflow audit

How to Perform a Workflow Audit

How do you know when a workflow isn’t working right, and what can you do about it? Perform a workflow audit, and reap the rewards. Find out how (and when) you can audit your workflows.

An illustration of post-its on a board, representing product management.

What Is Product Management?

Coming up with an idea for a new product is easy. Go to a hackathon or a startup meetup, and you’ll hear “this is the Uber of X” over and over again. The challenge is […]

The Ultimate Agile Terminology Dictionary

Agile terminology can be tough to grasp if you’ve never worked in an agile team before. Here are some of the top terms you’re likely to hear.