Asana + GitHub Integration

Asana + GitHub Integration

Sync and filter tasks, issues, projects, repos, comments, assignees and much more between Asana and GitHub.

How this integration works

How does Unito work?

1. Sign up

Sign up to Unito and authorize access to both Asana and GitHub.

2. Choose what to sync

Select Asana and pick the project you want to sync. Then pick the destination repo within GitHub (or vice versa).

3. Filter

If you don’t want to share everything between the tools, add filters to specify which projects, repos, issues, and tasks you want to sync.

4. Map your fields and launch

Unito will attempt to match fields on your behalf but you should review and adjust as needed. Then “create sync” and you’re done.

What Unito syncs

For a complete list on how we can connect your Asana and GitHub workflows, visit our guide.

Why Unito?

Two-way sync

Unito is the only tool that provides full, bi-directional sync (information flows both ways).

Deep integrations

Unito’s integrations go deeper, with the ability to sync comments, custom fields, and more.

Easy to set up

Unito is self-serve and can be set up in minutes by anyone, no coding required.

Dedicated customer support

Unito’s customer support team has a 95% customer satisfaction rating.

Very secure

We use the OAuth standard to access your tools and we don’t store your data.

Unito allows each team member to use the project management tool that is best suited to their needs. Engineers can use GitHub issues while product managers can use Asana.
Amit K.

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