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Popular GitLab integrations

Connect GitLab and Asana

Facilitate cross-team collaboration or create a high-level roadmap of GitLab development projects in Asana.

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Connect GitLab and Wrike

Sync your GitLab repos and development projects to Asana to increase their visibility among non-technical teams.

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Connect GitLab and Jira

Integrate GitLab and Jira to enable robust issue tracking while maintaining easy access to your code base.

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Connect GitLab and Teamwork

Organize cross-functional development projects in GitLab while staying aligned with collaborators in Teamwork.

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Unito supports the following GitLab fields

GitLab field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assignee Supported Supported
Author Supported
Comment Supported Supported
Description Supported Supported
Due date Supported Supported
Issue number Supported
Label Supported Supported
Link to issue Supported
Milestone Supported Supported
State Supported Supported
Title Supported Supported

"Easy, seamless integration. Setup was just a few clicks; have used it everyday since."

Robin W. , Senior Project Manager @ HyperDrive Interactive

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