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Keeping developers & other teams on the same page

Don't let working in GitLab keep you in the dark. Sync with other project management tools to stay on task with other teams, report your progress to managers or with other developers using different tools.

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What can this Sync do for me?

GitLab + Asana

Use complex dev tools & keep Asana as a user-friendly alternative

GitLab + Trello

Sync issues to cards to ease planning & tracking across teams

GitLab + Jira

Sync with other developers using different tools and stay on task

Sync Asana tasks across tools & workspaces

Collaborate on tasks with all of their context like tite, description, comments, assignee, custom fields, and more. Connect different workspaces or sync across any other tool!

Sync Jira issues anywhere to make collaboration a snap

Sync Jira issues across instances or across tools. All of the context--comments, assignees, custom fields, and more--syncs so that everyone’s in the loop, no matter the tool they use.

Unlock the full power of your Trello boards!​

With Trello board sync, you can sync cards across one or many boards. Share just a few cards or all of them to create multi-board and multi-team workflows in a snap!

Sync GitHub issues with business teams

Keep your dev teams aligned regardless of they tool of choice by syncing some or all of your GitHub issues, assignees, labels, milestones and more.

Sync Wrike tasks & use powerful PM features with dev tools

Share the core data from your Wrike tasks to another tool, like title, assignee, comments, and more. Increase cross-team visibility while making use of Wrike’s advanced PM tools

Sync Bitbucket issues across Atlassian tools and more

Sync Bitbucket issues, labels, descriptions, assignees, and more. Connect different repos’ issues to Trello, JIRA, and more to build out project plans in any tool, synced to Bitbucket

Sync Basecamp with development tools to speed up work

Merge the PM & communication capabilities of Basecamp with development tools to shorten delivery times & reduce feedback. Sync to-dos & all their context across tools.

Sync Zendesk tickets across tools & teams

Sync tickets and escalate technical issues between agents and engineers to keep everyone up to date and track progress between tools.

Sync GitLab issues across tools & teams

Connect GitLab issues, descriptions, milestones, comments, assignees, and more. Limit access to specific GitLab issues by only syncing some of them from GitLab to another tool.

How can Unito help?


Sync projects 2-way across apps so that everyone can collaborate without barriers and get things done.


No more status meetings. Never wonder what’s going on with a project. Nothing falls through the cracks. It’s better work. Together.


Sync tasks, issues, epics across tools. Sync comments, attachments, labels, tags, and anything you can imagine any way you want.

Join the 44,422 companies who are working better, together with Unito

Unito provides a very reliable and easy to implement sync interface between Jira and our Design team ticketing solution - Kudos to the Unito team for providing an awesome app.

Ralph Figueroa
Senior Software Management Consultant

After we got frustrated with other solutions, we gave Unito a try and it was the perfect match. Easily customized exactly to our needs, a breeze to set up and manage and backed by an amazingly responsive and helpful team!

Andrey Makarov
DevOps Engineer

CI Logo

Unito brings together our multidivisional team so everyone can use their preferred tool without worrying about missing important information.

Tatianna Wiegand-Stuart
Senior Coordination of Web Production
Conservation International

Conservation International

Why use Unito?

One-way Sync is limited

Using one way Sync tools like Zapier or IFTTT can be a great solution to many problems, but tasks generally need to be synced in both directions to unlock collaboration. One-way Sync means you copy a task from one tool into another, but if someone makes any change to that task after you move it, you’ll never see it. That’s no collaboration; it’s just spamming.

One-Way Sync
Two-Way Sync

Two-way Sync unlocks collaboration

Two way Sync unlocks the power of your teams no matter what tools they use. By syncing tasks, due dates, assignee, comments, attachments, and all of the other context around the key element of work in a team, Unito lowers the barriers to cross-functional collaboration.

Multi-sync unlocks new workflows!

When you use Unito to build Syncs between and across tools, you unlock unlimited new cross-team workflows. Share just a crucial few tasks from your tool of record to a freelancer. Merge tasks from 10 different projects into one huge backlog. Build automated live reports of key tasks from many teams in one place. The sky’s the limit.


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