GitLab Integration

Manage your entire development cycle more efficiently from a single tool by syncing GitLab with Unito.

Who Uses
Unito and GitLab

  • Project managers who want to better organize development projects
  • Developers who want better access to both issue tracking and version control
  • Team leads who need to share progress on major dev initiatives.

How GitLab and Unito can help your development team collaborate:

Unito and GitLab

GitLab is an essential tool in the belt of developers around the world. From hosting and sharing Git projects to collaborating with other developers, GitLab has become an indispensable part of the development process. But development doesn’t happen in isolation. What if you’re collaborating with marketers or salespeople?

You probably receive a regular flow of requests from other departments, or at least collaborate with them on big projects. Working with people who don’t understand what you do or the tools you use can be tough. But Unito breaks down the tool barrier by allowing teams to stay in the software they love.

You still get to share progress, gather and provide feedback, and generally work together, without teaching them GitLab or learning a new tool yourself. In addition, if you ever needed functionality that doesn’t exist in GitLab, you could sync your issues and repos to a different tool, opening up new ways to visualize, share, and organize that information.

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