ClickUp Integration

Build the workflows you need by connecting ClickUp with work management solutions, like Jira, GitHub, and more.

Who Uses
Unito and ClickUp

  • Managers looking to empower collaboration between their teams and external stakeholders while still using ClickUp as their primary work hub.
  • Development leaders who need technical tools to manage projects while coordinating with teams in ClickUp.
  • Project managers using ClickUp who need to gather and organize information from a number of different sources, be they tools or teams.

Manage all of your work from one place with Unito and ClickUp

Unito and ClickUp

ClickUp might be a newcomer to the project management scene, but they’ve quickly gained traction in the market. Why? The tool is incredibly easy to use, very customizable, and is loved by project managers, product owners, and product managers alike.

Whether you prefer working in a task list, Kanban board, timeline view, or any other view for that matter, ClickUp has you covered. Whether you want to track work, take notes, or share documents, they provide the functionality you need. ClickUp is trying to become the one tool that rules them all, and they’re well on their way. This Unito integration brings them even closer to that goal.

Most developers will continue to rely on Jira and GitHub to manage their code. Most salespeople will continue to use HubSpot to track customer interactions. But Unito now connects ClickUp to these specialized solutions. That means no more jumping from tool to tool to get status updates. And no forcing teams to work in tools they don’t want to use to collaborate.

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