Salesforce integration
Unsilo Your CRM: Unito’s Salesforce Integration Has Arrived
Salesforce integration

Unsilo Your CRM: Unito’s Salesforce Integration Has Arrived

Sales and revenue operations have evolved immensely over the past decade, and Salesforce has been there every step of the way. The world’s leading CRM is an irreplaceable pillar in sales workflows for a reason — it’s scalable, extremely customizable, and offers best-in-class apps. And now, with the launch of Unito’s Salesforce integration, all of that power can be shared across your entire organization.

Unito now offers the deepest two-way integrations for Salesforce, empowering you to unsilo your CRM and build bridges across teams and tools. 

Unite teams and departments

Salesforce integrations

Modern sales workflows are collaborative. You sometimes need the expertise of marketers, customer support agents, or developers to get that deal across the finish line or keep a customer from churning. But far too often that collaboration depends on meetings, emails, or copying and pasting information across multiple tools. Especially when those tools are wide in scope, supporting multiple teams across departments – think ServiceNow or Salesforce.

Unito’s Salesforce integration (here’s how it works with Google Sheets) allows you to make the popular CRM a single source of truth for sales teams. Everything from product updates to marketing leads can be fed into Salesforce from other work tools, increasing transparency and easing the flow of information. Your revenue teams can access key data when they need it, communicate with collaborators across the business, and request support, all from within their CRM. Salesforce becomes a one-stop-shop for improving your customer relationships, from lead generation to post-sale support.

Less time closing tabs, more time closing deals

Salesforce workflow

How much time are your employees spending on busywork? Organizing meetings. Scheduling calls. Jumping between tools and tabs looking for information. Building reports. This work can eat up more than half of the day

Much of this busywork can be automated with Unito’s two-way workflows. 

  • Connect Salesforce with the most popular project management tools (find Unito integrations for Asana+Salesforce, Trello+Salesforce, Monday+Salesforce, ClickUp+Salesforce, and many more) to automate your workflows across Marketing and Sales departments.
  • Create a rule that will notify account managers when a key client has reached out to support with an issue
  • Build a workflow between Salesforce and development tools like Jira or GitHub to request bug fixes or project updates without leaving the CRM 
  • Sync Salesforce to management tools, allowing stakeholders to track deal progress independently in real-time

Reduce costs while pulling more value out of Salesforce

How many members of your company have Salesforce seats just because they play a small role in one of your workflows? You may be wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars to allow someone who isn’t even on your customer-facing teams to jump into your CRM for five minutes a week.

The Unito Salesforce integration allows you to reduce the number of seats you’re paying for while still keeping everyone in your organization involved. You can simply sync information into the CRM automatically, instead of paying for someone to do it manually.

Unito exponentially increases the value of your Salesforce investment by making the data stored within it accessible to the entire business. As your sales workflows become more visible, opportunities and blockers can be addressed in real-time collaboratively.  

Things you can do with the Unito-Salesforce integration 

Salesforce flows
  • Sync essential Salesforce fields: subject, status, due date, and priority can all be synced into and out of Salesforce.
  • Map supported fields: Unito’s default mappings will almost always sync information to the right place in Salesforce, but you can also customize field mappings to suit your specific use case. 
  • Filter supported fields: Create rules and control the flow of information between Salesforce and the other tools in your stack. 

For more information on the capabilities of this integration, visit our Help Center.

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