Make Mondays Better With Unito’s Integration is Unito's newest integration
Get More Out of Every Monday With Unito’s Latest Integration is Unito's newest integration

Get More Out of Every Monday With Unito’s Latest Integration

Even if a certain orange cat absolutely hates them, Mondays are still the most productive day of the week. You’re — theoretically — refreshed after the weekend and ready to attack the week’s work. But if you want to start your week off on the right foot, you need to know to do and when it’s due.

Unito lets you optimize your workflows across tools, meaning updates and tasks can be accessed by anyone across your organization, no matter what tool they’re in. And if is your favorite work management tool, our new integration has you covered.

What is

In 2010, the company behind Wix realized they needed a project management tool. Instead of going with a platform already on the market, they decided to build their own. By 2012, split from Wix to become its own product, which is now valued at $2.7 billion.

Today, empowers more than 100,000 teams across the world with a robust platform featuring thorough templates, automation, and drag-and-drop customizability. We’ve been working with them on this integration for quite some time, and we’re excited to finally launch it!

What is a beta integration?

We use our upcoming integrations page to gauge interest in future Unito integrations. When there’s enough interest in one, we build a beta version to better understand your use cases, giving us the ability to tailor the integration to your needs. Releasing this beta means you can get your hands on our integration sooner.

There are a few differences between a beta integration and its fully released counterpart, all of which you can find in our Help Center article on the integration. Here are some of the highlights:

Things you can do with our integration

  • Logging in through your account: No need for a middleman; you can log in with your email and password. Note that you’ll still need to use another one of our integrations — or an email and password combo — to sign up for the first time.
  • Mapping supported fields: While Unito can cover many use cases with default mapping settings, you can also customize your mappings to have more control over your workflow. Check out our Help Center for more information on which fields Unito supports.
  • Filtering supported fields: With Unito, you can create rules that allow you to control the flow of information from one tool to another. Our Help Center has a detailed list of which fields you can and can’t filter in your rules.
  • Creating projects from Unito: Realize you’re missing a project in as you’re integrating your other tools? No problem! With this integration, you can create projects right from Unito.

Things you can’t do (yet!)

  • Syncing subtasks: We don’t yet support full task hierarchies with our integration.
  • Filtering and mapping unsupported fields: For now, you won’t be able to sync, map, or filter comments, descriptions, assignees, and owners.

Beta integrations allow us to measure interest and adjust to your use case. This helps us improve our roadmap to reflect your needs, so use this integration thoroughly! If you run into any problems — or you need a new feature — please contact us! Your feedback is invaluable.

Can’t wait to get started?

We have several step-by-step Unito walkthroughs to help you connect your boards with:

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