Git Your Teams Connected with GitLab Sync + More Filters & Features!


This post is very dated. GitLab is officially out of beta and part of our brand new workflow management offering, featuring a visual workflow designer! Learn more and try it out today!

Launched in beta a few weeks ago and now available to everyone, our new GitLab integration lets you sync GitLab issues with any other app in the Unito family! Whether you’re managing your work in JIRA, Trello, Wrike, or other tools, you can collaborate with a team using GitLab issues in a flash. Set up the sync with or GitLab self-hosted instances and you’re ready to go!

GitLab, an open-source code repository & management tool, has great features such as planning, issue tracking, code management, verification, and a number of other useful dev management tools. Listed among the top 30 highest velocity open source projects, GitLab is frequently updated and improved and is a growing platform for developers around the world to collaborate and manage their code. Unito makes it easier than ever to work with GitLab projects across teams, even from other code management & versioning tools like GitHub or BitBucket.

More filtering & sync options in beta!

You can now filter out tasks from a sync based on milestone or assignee depending on the platforms you’re syncing. For people syncing with Wrike, GitHub, and JIRA, you can choose to only sync tasks based on their milestone, and for any Unito sync you can filter out synced tasks by assignee.

We’ve also added checklist support for Trello syncs, where you can connect checklists across boards.

We’ll make.a bit more noise about these features when they exit beta status, but if you’re a daring early adopter give ’em a try right now!

Faster loading

We’ve reduced the average load time for our main application from 7 seconds to a touch under 2. Combined with faster times to edit syncs as well, we hope you’ll notice a much snappier Unito experience. Hey, we’re all about working faster with your teams. We’ve just helped that along a little bit more. 🙂

Coming soon to Unito:

Pocket watch

Microsoft Planner, Basecamp, and more great features are coming soon to Unito. Have a feature or a connector that you’d love to see us release? Hit us up in the comments and let us know. 🙂