ClickUp Integration
Your ClickUp Workflows Just Got an Upgrade With Unito’s Newest Integration
ClickUp Integration

Your ClickUp Workflows Just Got an Upgrade With Unito’s Newest Integration

The explosion of SaaS in recent years means there are multiple tools to choose from for your best work. But it’s also made collaboration tougher. The average employee uses 10 apps just to get their work done, which can leave tasks, deadlines, and even whole projects stranded in tool silos. No matter how great your software, using multiple tools can actually create hiccups in your workflow.

Unito’s ClickUp integration connects it to all of our other integrations, like Jira, Trello, and GitHub. Users can now create and manage workflows going from ClickUp to any other tool used by their collaborators.

NEW FOR UNITO USERS: If you’re already familiar with ClickUp, we now have a step-by-step walkthrough on how to sync ClickUp to a shared Google Calendar.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a budding productivity platform with the mission of becoming the future of work. It’s highly customizable, with features that let users create their own views, manage their workload, and integrate apps like Slack and Google Drive. With clients like AirBnB, Nike, and Ubisoft, this platform has something for everyone. This is a fully-featured platform with robust analytics that prides itself on being the one app to replace them all. 

And now, with our new integration for ClickUp, you can connect this platform to some of the world’s leading work management platforms.

Things you can do

  • Sync task title, description, status, and due dates. Other fields will become available as we continue working on the integration. If there’s a specific field you need covered, let us know!
  • Filter tasks by status. Unito’s rules let you filter how much information travels between tools, so you’re always in complete control.
  • Improve collaboration with developers: Integrate ClickUp with Jira so everyone can get an eye on development work. Here’s how.
  • Work with any tool: 7 River Systems works with a number of clients who each have their own tool. Here’s how they used Unito to sync ClickUp with their clients’ tools.

Things you can’t do (yet!)

  • Log in to Unito with your ClickUp account. For now, you’ll need to log in with another one of our integrations, or use an email and password combination.
  • Sync rich text. ClickUp’s API doesn’t support the syncing of rich text yet. That means no emojis — for now.

If you’re using our ClickUp integration, make sure to try out a bunch of different things! And if you’re ever unsure about something, or you just want to request a new feature, please contact us! This will help us build the integration you really need.

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