Bitbucket Integration

Better organize your team’s development work by syncing Bitbucket to other work management tools with Unito.

Who Uses
Unito and Bitbucket

  • Developers who need to keep stakeholders updated on dev projects.
  • Scrum masters who want to visualize development planning.
  • Executives who want an overview of all dev work in progress.

How Bitbucket and Unito can help create visibility into your development process:

Unito and Bitbucket

Yes, Bitbucket is a Git code management tool. But it’s also used for development project planning, collaboration, deployment, and launches. It’s in these areas that dev teams will often need to bring in or show progress to other teams and departments within the organization — teams that often have no idea how to use Bitbucket.

Making these interactions as simple and efficient as possible is essential. Otherwise, both teams risk being trapped in meetings (or their email inboxes) just to see how things are progressing. That’s valuable time that should be spent actually doing work.

With Unito, you can sync Bitbucket with other work management tools — the software that marketing, customer service, sales, and your executive teams probably spends their time in each day. Communication and collaboration become a natural part of everyone’s usual workflow, saving everyone involved a ton of time in the process.

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