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Collaborate with anyone without leaving the tools you need. With Unito’s two-way integrations for Bitbucket, you can keep everyone in the loop while focusing on work that matters. Get feedback from team leads, send updates to other teams, and more, no matter which tool they’re using.


Popular Bitbucket integrations

Connect Bitbucket and Trello

Provide non-technical teams with the ability to make requests and track progress on projects in Bitbucket.

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Connect Bitbucket and

Push Bitbucket development projects into to provide collaborators with an easy-to-digest progress update.

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Connect Bitbucket and Jira

Does your development team use multiple tools? Connect Bitbucket and Jira to align issue tracking and version control.

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Connect Bitbucket and Google Sheets

Track development tasks, bugs, sprints, priorities, and align technical and non-technical teams, all within Google Sheets.

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Unito syncs the following Bitbucket fields

Bitbucket field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assignee icon: info Supported Supported
Reporter icon: info Supported
Comment icon: info Supported Supported
Repository name icon: info Supported
Description icon: info Supported Supported
Issue number icon: info Supported
Priority icon: info Supported Supported
Status icon: info Supported Supported
Issue type icon: info Supported Supported
Title icon: info Supported Supported
Updated at icon: info Supported
Link to issue icon: info Supported

"Being able to have certain tasks exist in both (Bitbucket) and Asana is really helpful."

Megan R. , Systems and Development Manager @ KHM Travel Group

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