Zendesk Integration

Speed up your customer service workflows and cross-team collaboration with Unito and Zendesk.

Who Uses
Unito and Zendesk

  • Customer service agents looking to better organize incoming requests
  • Executives who need better visibility into serious issues
  • Account managers who want to stay updated on client tickets

How Zendesk and Unito can help you close tickets:

Unito and Zendesk

There’s a reason Zendesk is the tool of choice for countless customer service teams around the globe: it’s simple to pick up, easy to scale, has great analytics, and generally just makes tracking tickets such more efficient.

But not all tickets can be solved by your customer service team alone. When it comes to collaborating with other knowledge experts in the organization, you don’t have the same control over what they prioritize, their schedule, or even the tools that they use.

With Unito, this all becomes a lot easier to manage. You can sync Zendesk with the work management tools your collaborators use every day, so they don’t need to learn a new tool, or resort to email or chat to communicate. Both teams have access to the information they need to move forward and quickly close the ticket, and you don’t have to leave Zendesk for progress updates. All of this makes for a better customer experience for your end user.

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