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Make your projects more transparent with Unito’s Wrike integration. Create a two-way channel between Wrike and other best-in-class tools. Sync tasks, attachments, custom fields, and more to collaborate in real-time with any team.

Popular Wrike integrations

Connect Wrike and GitHub

Use Wrike to manage large scale projects and coordinate with internal or external development teams who use GitHub.

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Connect Wrike and Jira

Submit development requests from within Wrike directly into Jira, and track progress without having to ever switch tools.

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Connect Wrike and Zendesk

Automatically triage Zendesk client tickets that require escalation or support to the appropriate business team in Wrike.

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Connect Wrike and

Align with external stakeholders, agencies, or partners with a seamless connection between Wrike and

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Unito supports the following Wrike fields

Wrike field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assignee Supported Supported
Attachment Supported
Author Supported
Checkbox Supported Supported
Comment Supported Supported
Currency Supported Supported
Date Supported Supported
Description Supported Supported
Dropdown Supported Supported
Due date Supported Supported
Duration Supported Supported
Folder / project name Supported
Importance Supported Supported
Link to task Supported
Multiple select Supported Supported
Numeric Supported Supported
Percentage Supported Supported
Start date Supported Supported
Status Supported Supported
Task number Supported
Text Supported Supported
Title Supported Supported

"We're using Unito as a go-between for Wrike (used by our Marketing team) and Jira (used as the hub of ticketing across the org). [...] In the past year and a half, I'd estimate I've saved roughly 250-300 hours of legwork as a result of the one sync."

John W , Marketing Operations Manager @ Adwerx

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