Wrike Integration

Gain visibility into projects, streamline workflows, and promote collaboration with Wrike and Unito.

Who Uses
Unito and Wrike

  • Executives who need total visibility into work across the organization.
  • Project managers who work with multiple teams to complete a project.
  • Marketers who regularly require development support on new initiatives.

How Wrike and Unito can help you unite your organization for better collaboration:

Unito and Wrike

Enterprises rely on Wrike to help them better manage work, from simple day-to-day tasks to long-term, complex initiatives. Wrike stands out for its customizability, which allows you to easily scale the tool as you scale your team. Plus, the common “folder” structure it uses for project organization makes it extremely easy to onboard new team members.

Most organizations aren’t united under one tool however. If you use Wrike but need to collaborate with colleagues or stakeholders who don’t, Unito allows you to sync tools in mere minutes. No one needs to learn a new tool or resort to other channels to communicate. You never have to leave Wrike to request support, provide or gather feedback, or maintain multiple versions of the same project in multiple places.

Even if your entire organization does use Wrike, Unito unlocks new functionality that can help you better track all of your folders and tasks. You can create a master folder containing synced tasks from multiple folders, allowing you to monitor everything from one place. This is particularly useful if you have executives who want to track your work on a high level, without having to dive into the multitude of folders used by each team or department.

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