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Power-Up your boards with Unito’s two-way Trello integration. Send crucial information from your Trello cards to other tools — or even other boards — and get real-time updates back. Sync attachments, comments, custom fields, and more.

Popular Trello integrations

Connect Trello and Trello

Build a Trello master board, filtering in cards from multiple sources to build better to-do lists or ease project reporting.

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Connect Trello and Jira

Create a sprint Kanban Board in Trello to monitor and increase the visibility of development projects in Jira.

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Connect Trello and Asana

Build a project hub in Trello and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders who use Asana.

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Connect Trello and Zendesk

Send tickets requiring escalation or support from Zendesk to sales, development, or other departments that live in Trello.

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Unito supports the following Trello fields

Trello field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Attachment Supported Supported
Board name Supported
Checkbox Supported Supported
Checkitem state Supported Supported
Comment Supported Supported
Creator Supported
Date Supported Supported
Description Supported Supported
Dropdown Supported Supported
Due date Supported Supported
Due date checkbox Supported Supported
Label Supported Supported
Link to card Supported
List Supported Supported
Member Supported Supported
Number Supported Supported
Start date Supported Supported
Status Supported Supported
Text Supported Supported
Title Supported Supported

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Louis Beauregard , Director of Operations and Product @ Learning Bird

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