Trello Integration

Unlock new functionality and simplify team collaboration by syncing Trello with other work management tools.

Who Uses
Unito and Trello

  • Team leads that regularly collaborate across the organization
  • Executives wanting an easier way to monitor the work of their teams
  • Scrum masters who want a better way of tracking development sprints

How Trello and Unito can help you work more collaboratively:

Unito and Trello

People love Trello. What’s not to love? It’s easy to understand, simple to use, and incredibly helpful. With Trello you can plan projects and stay on top of your workload within a single, satisfying tool.

Within your team, it’s really easy to work collaboratively on a team board. All cards live in one board, and everyone can follow along with progress on team tasks. But what about when a project requires the involvement of other teams or departments within the organization?

Instead of jumping from team board to team board, trying to update multiple cards in multiple places, sync your boards with Unito. Your teams can collaborate on the same cards and boards in just a few clicks. The same applies for collaborators who don’t even use Trello. Unito syncs Trello to the most popular work management tools. When you make it easy to collaborate, your teams will do so willingly, and productively.

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