Smartsheet Integration

Get crucial information where it needs to go by connecting Smartsheet to Trello, ClickUp, and more with Unito.

Who Uses
Unito and Smartsheet

  • Managers who use Smartsheet's robust reporting tools and customizable views to crush cross-functional projects.
  • Product managers who need to keep an eye on their roadmap while having access to every platform where work happens.
  • Project managers who want to give their teams the ability to work where they're most comfortable.

Collaborate better with Smartsheet and Unito

Unito & Smartsheet

Need to inject some IQ into your spreadsheets? That’s where Smartsheet comes in. Graduate from spreadsheets to a robust project management tool and get things done.

People want to work where they’re most comfortable. Customer support and sales teams will probably want to keep working in Hubspot. Developers will stay in Jira and GitHub while Marketers might never leave Trello.

But when you use Unito to manage your workflow, you’re making sure you don’t lose out on your favorite Smartsheet features, all while collaborating with the rest of the organization. With Unito’s deep, two-way syncing and visual workflow designer, you can build dream workflows with Smartsheet and some of the world’s most popular work management tools.

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