Mailchimp + Outlook Integration

Send automated emails, organize your inbox, and boost marketing or sales alignments with a 2-way sync between Mailchimp and Outlook contacts.

Image representing Mailchimp-Outlook integration
Example flow settings for a Mailchimp Outlook sync

Sync Mailchimp with Outlook

Set specific rules to update Mailchimp or Outlook immediately after making changes in the other so the latest information is always available in either interface.

Example workflows between Mailchimp and Outlook

Group contacts automatically with custom labels

Assign custom tags and categories to group contacts automatically in either tool based on triggers set by you.

What can you sync between Mailchimp and Microsoft Outlook?

Email Two-way sync arrow Email
First Name Two-way sync arrow First Name
Last Name Two-way sync arrow Last Name
Tag Two-way sync arrow Category
Phone Number Two-way sync arrow Phone Number
Address Two-way sync arrow Address
7 additional Mailchimp fields Two-way sync arrow 20 additional Outlook fields

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How Unito works


Connect the tools your team relies on every day. Unito supports dozens of integrations, with more being added monthly. And they're all two-way by default, meaning information can flow back and forth in real-time.


Craft your ideal workflow, customized to your needs. Unito supports more fields — like assignees, comments, custom fields, attachments and subtasks. You can also map fields and build flexible rules to perfectly suit your use case.


Launch and reap the rewards. Get accurate info in the right place, at the right time, save hours on busywork, and align your team — giving them the freedom to focus and achieve more than ever.