HubSpot Integration

Foster collaboration between sales and other teams and departments by syncing HubSpot with other work management tools.

Sync HubSpot with Trello

To build a master board of sales tasks for increased visibility, or to triage them across your team.

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Sync HubSpot with Jira

To stay on top of product developments that could impact your sales efforts or that meet existing client needs.

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Sync HubSpot with Zendesk

So customer service teams can feed potential leads or upgrades to the sales team.

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Thinking about syncing HubSpot? Choose your second tool to find out more.

Who uses

Unito + HubSpot

  • Salespeople who work closely with other teams in the organization
  • Team leads who want a bird’s eye view into sales tasks
  • Developers who want to keep sales teams posted about product updates

How does Unito work?

1. Select your tools

Select the tool you want to sync with HubSpot and authorize Unito to access both of them.

2. Add your filters

Add filters to specify the tasks and information you want to sync.

3. Map your fields

Map how that information is shared so it fits with your workflow.

How HubSpot and Unito can speed up your sales cycle

Whether it’s the creation of sales collateral, the development of specific product updates, or approval for a discount, sales teams often rely on colleagues in different departments for support. While many sales teams live in HubSpot, other teams have their own preferred tools, which can create challenges when it comes time to collaborate.

Rather than hosting meetings or sending emails, save time and effort by setting up a task and syncing it across teams and tools with Unito. Then monitor progress, gather feedback, or follow-up without ever leaving HubSpot.

Unito allows your team and your collaborators to stay in the tools where they’re most productive, making it easier to work together and speeding up your sales cycle.

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