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Align sales and support teams with the rest of the organization. Create two-way relationships between HubSpot and best-in-class work management tools with Unito’s integration for HubSpot tasks. Sync crucial information in real-time to close more deals and keep your customers happy.


Popular HubSpot integrations

Connect HubSpot and Trello

Build a public Trello master board of key HubSpot tasks for increased visibility across your organization.

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Connect HubSpot and Jira

Stay on top of product developments in Jira that could impact your sales efforts without having to leave HubSpot.

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Connect HubSpot and Zendesk

Enable customer service teams in Zendesk to feed potential leads or upgrades to the sales team in HubSpot.

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Connect HubSpot and Smartsheet

Organize all of your HubSpot tasks in an easy-to-follow Gantt chart within Smartsheet.

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Unito syncs the following Hubspot fields

Hubspot field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assigned to icon: info Supported Supported
Owner icon: info Supported Supported
Created by icon: info Supported
Company icon: info Supported
Contact icon: info Supported
Container name icon: info Supported
Deal icon: info Supported
Note icon: info Supported Supported
Due date icon: info Supported Supported
Status icon: info Supported Supported
Type icon: info Supported Supported
Title icon: info Supported Supported
Url icon: info Supported

"At HubSpot, we believe a strong integration ecosystem is key to success. Unito’s synchronization solution fills a key gap in that ecosystem by letting our customers do more without ever leaving HubSpot."

David Barron , Director, GTM @ Service Hub at HubSpot

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