Use case: Team collaboration

How Digistore24 Unites Work Across Jira, ClickUp, and Slack



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Use case

Team collaboration

A headshot of Katharina Gambs, Content Marketing Manager at Digistore24

Katharina Gambs

Content Marketing Manager at Digistore24

"I was running Jira and ClickUp, which have their own integrations, but they can’t talk to each other,
even with automation. I wrote to ClickUp support and they told me the only solution is Unito."


Katharina Gambs is the Content Marketing Manager at Digistore24, an online sales platform with an integrated e-store and affiliate network. She describes herself as the interface between the marketing and IT teams. That means she’s the one making sure that marketers are kept updated about features still in development. She also ensures that communication flows from the marketing side so that educational content, documentation, and how-to guides can be created on time. Dev work happens in Jira with other teams working in ClickUp, while everyone communicates through Slack.

As the company began to scale, visibility between teams became increasingly difficult to maintain. Katharina would check Jira every morning and copy/paste information from feature tickets manually into ClickUp, adapt the status manually, and then re-write the tickets to only highlight relevant content for her team. Meanwhile, feature requests were being shared in Slack, then lost in conversation, or submitted multiple times by multiple sources accidentally. The team quickly recognized a need to optimize communication between teams before the situation got worse.

“The issue we were having was a lack of automation. There was a lot of time spent manually communicating and trying to figure out how to work efficiently together with teams in different tools.”

Katharina Gambs, Content Marketing Manager, Digistore24


After following ClickUp’s advice, Katharina found Unito and began experimenting with her first workflow to connect the disparate tools and streamline dev work between ClickUp and Jira. She started by syncing issues with tasks so that features in development would be visible to the marketing department. She then used that list to leave comments for her team indicating which new features should be communicated, to whom, where, and how.

Katharina later integrated Slack to dispatch documentation tasks through the company’s primary communication channel. A process that was performed manually and involved hours each week, was now completely automated.

“Now I can easily check the list of features and share it with my team. No one else needs to spend time double-checking, reviewing tickets, or asking for help. We found this extremely useful since Jira tickets often include additional information that can sometimes be overwhelming for people.”

Katharina Gambs, Content Marketing Manager, Digistore24


  • Dev work is now unified between ClickUp and Jira with users in the former now able to submit feature requests in the latter by creating ClickUp tasks that become Jira issues.
  • The team in Jira can keep other departments in the loop simply by completing Jira issues, since Unito automatically updates associated ClickUp tasks.
  • The marketing team now has access to real-time updates on dev work so they can better plan launches, set priorities, and prepare accurate estimates on resource allocations for each feature release.
  • Project managers no longer need to switch between apps to coordinate work with different teams, or copy/paste information since both tools are now fully integrated using Unito.

“I’ve launched two flows with Unito so far. I have another two I’m planning to launch. On one project, I would say I’ve saved at least 45 minutes per day.”

Katharina Gambs, Content Marketing Manager, Digistore24

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Digistore24 is a full-service online sales platform with one of the world’s largest affiliate marketplaces to help customers grow & scale their business. They operate Digistore24, a platform for businesses to purchase digital products and certain physical products, as well as Coachannel and an online platform for building websites, funnels, and member areas to set up online businesses. Their vision is to empower people to build their own online business with freedom and flexibility gained by remote work, while reaching millions of customers worldwide.