Sync IT service with customer support tool integrations

Ensure the best customer experience while saving hours of manual work for service agents with a 2-way workflow integration for support tools such as Zendesk or Jira Service Management.

"Through our partnership with Unito, we’ve opened up new avenues to our customers to integrate, align their teams, and customize all workflows for their needs."

Amit Goldenberg , Head of Tech Partnerships @

Sync support with sales to align teams at every level

Keep customer data in sync with a 2-way integration between your IT support tools. Changes in one interface are immediately updated in the other so cross-functional teams can provide customer support from their preferred interface.

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Collaborate on support tickets across teams

Escalate tickets to the software development team, and provide your customers with real-time updates on their ticket status by syncing task data between support and software tools. As soon as the status changes on the software side, your support team can let customers know immediately.

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Build a lead database with synced contacts

Share lead information from a CRM or marketing automation app to support tools so everyone can access and update the same contact records in real-time, merge duplicates, automatically retrieve or update spreadsheet data, and turn each app into a decentralized source of truth for leads, contacts, and customer interactions.

Learn more about syncing contacts

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Give support teams access to real-time sales data

Streamline the post-sales process and give CSMs instant access to relevant data from deals or opportunities closed with a 2-way sync between your CRM and support tools so your service teams can understand and anticipate customer expectations from the start.

Start with a pre-sales workflow

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Track performance across tools

Report on activity across tools, track dispatched and escalated tickets, and keep your KPIs and SLAs intact with a 2-way workflow between your support tools and Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Airtable.

Learn how to build dynamic progress reports

How Hope International Connected Jira and Wrike to Streamline IT Support

"Unito grants more visibility to executives and projects managers. Syncing Jira and Wrike provided more clarity in our reporting and enables collaboration between teams." - Chris Adams, IT Administrator at Hope International

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