Trello-Jira Webinar

Free Webinar: Using a Trello-Jira Integration to Better Manage Development Projects

In this webinar we’ll show you:

  • The high-level benefits of a Jira Trello integration.
  • How non-technical teams can submit and track development projects happening in Jira without ever leaving Trello
  • How development teams in Jira can create a public-facing roadmap in Trello for internal or external clients
  • And how to set up a Trello-Jira sync with Unito

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Do you work in Trello but rely on email or messaging to coordinate projects with a development team? Or maybe you’re a developer who is forced to leave Jira when working with other teams or clients?

When technical and non-technical teams need to collaborate, tools often get in the way. Generally, either one side learns a brand new tool or you both choose another channel to communicate in. There’s a third, much more accommodating way to work: two-way sync.

Unito allows you to sync Trello and Jira, building a customizable flow of information between the two tools. Teams can collaborate on work without leaving the tools they already work in every day. You can use this new functionality to share information, triage requests, or show progress on work.

In this webinar, we’ll illustrate some of the best use cases of a Trello and Jira sync. We’ll show you how teams in Trello can easily submit and track development requests, and how developers can share progress on projects with those not in Jira. We’ll also show you how to set it up for yourself.


  • 30 minutes: Common use cases of a Trello-Jira sync
  • 10 minutes: How to set up your own Trello-Jira sync
  • 5 minutes: Question period

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