Image representing Google Sheets - Trello integration

Webinar: Simplifying Status Reports by Syncing Google Sheets and Trello

Trello is an industry-leading project management tool, but it wasn’t designed with reporting in mind. As a result, putting together status reports often involves a lot of copy-pasting into a spreadsheet. That’s when it becomes handy to automate and sync project data with Unito.

Join product specialists Fanny Laveau and Mariah Moore as they demonstrate a two-way sync between Trello cards and Google Sheets. This dynamic integration can help teams:

  • Speed up the reporting process by sending Trello data automatically into your sheet.
  • Spend more time focusing on insights instead of copy-pasting data manually.
  • Oversee Trello project progress from a spreadsheet to easily review blockers, inefficiencies, or confusion on your team.

Date: Wednesday, October 19th
Time: 11:30am PT | 2:30pm ET

What to expect:

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  1. Create an automated two-way sync that sends Trello card details into Google Sheets.
  2. Set filters in Unito to specify exactly which cards will sync to a spreadsheet.
  3. Visualize team capacity, project progress, completed tasks and more.

About Unito

Unito takes you beyond tedious one-way automation platforms with a two-way integration that covers more use cases, syncs more fields, and updates tasks and issues in real-time. A simple, no-code interface enables anyone on your team to build a customizable, automated, two-way workflow in no time.