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Free Webinar: Managing Multiple Client Projects with a Trello Master Board

In this webinar we’ll share:

  • A common Trello set-up for agencies, consultants, or freelancers managing client work
  • A Trello master board workflow for managing multiple client projects
  • How a master board can increase your organization and productivity
  • A quick guide to setting up your Trello master board

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How often have you had a client say, “Here’s your assignment, let me know when it’s finished?” Almost never, right? Generally, they want updates along the way. They want to review progress, provide approvals, ask questions. With that in mind, many agencies and consultants will create client Trello boards. With these boards, you can lay out all of your tasks and allow your client to follow along and engage throughout the process. Fantastic… except what happens when you’re managing multiple client projects? Many people will simply build five or 10 client boards, and then spend half their day jumping from board to board, trying to keep track of everything that’s due. Heck, sometimes they’ll resort to a good old fashioned pen and paper to build an old-school to-do list. 

Put the pen away. With a Trello master board, you can sync all of your tasks from each client board to a single board that only you can see. Bring all of your tasks into one board so you can stay productive, while still getting updates from all of your customers. With Unito, you can customize how information flows between boards, so no clients see anything unless you specifically want them to.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through this master board workflow. We’ll share a typical master board set up for freelancers or consultants, and show you how you can set it up for yourself.


  • 10 minutes: A comparison of a typical consultant/freelancer Trello board system with a Trello master board workflow
  • 10 minutes: How to set up your own Trello master board
  • 5 minutes: Adding a managerial master board layer
  • 5 minutes: Question period

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