Unito’s just launched Trello in beta. Check it out!

Unito’s just launched Trello in beta. Check it out!

Bam! Since exiting beta as a platform, Unito has worked as hard as ever to make new features. Today we’re launching our first result from that hard work: Trello. With full 2-way sync between 5 platforms, Unito really bridges the gap and helps people work together better.

Getting Started

This is a beta launch. There are some features which still need some polishing. Heck, there are probably a few features that you’d like to see which are missing entirely. If you have questions or comments that you’d like to offer us about Trello sync, let us know. Hit the green and white button in the lower right corner of your screen and start a chat. You’ll get a real human on the other end–Greg or Marc or Trevor, likely.

Some specific notes you should be aware of:

  • If you want to sync JIRA or Github with Trello, select JIRA or GitHub FIRST after clicking on Add Syncs
  • If you want to sync Asana or Wrike with Trello, select Asana or Wrike SECOND (select Trello first) after clicking on Add Syncs
  • You cannot sync a board with no columns.
  • By default, the first column in Trello is considered a “To Do” column for syncing. The last column counts as the “done” column. When syncing with other apps, that’s where tasks will end up. You can of course edit this mapping.
  • Users who are only in Trello don’t count towards your active collaborator count until the beta ends.
    • This is expected to be the end of January at the latest.

The above details are all temporary limitations while we’re in beta; Trello, in addition to being one of the 500 most popular websites in the world, is also quite a powerful tool, and it’s taken a lot of time to get its broad feature set set up so it can be synced with other tools. We will keep developing it and adding new features all throughout the beta.

So try it out and let us know what you think. As always, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks!