Unito’s New HubSpot Integration Makes it Easy For Sales Teams to Collaborate

Unito Hubspot Integration

Lead generation. Sales collateral. Product Development. Contract approval. All of these are essential elements of a sales process. All of them are also handled by teams other than sales. There’s no denying that sales teams need support across all levels of your organization. Now, your sales tool can be set up to foster that collaboration.

Unito’s new HubSpot integration (currently launched in beta) syncs the software with nine of the biggest work management tools on the market. In just a few minutes, your sales team can be sending tasks to Trello, Jira, Zendesk, and more, while receiving valuable information and assets from collaborators right in HubSpot.

Collaboration is vital to sales success

A 2019 study by the Miller Heiman Group asked members of over 900 sales organizations whether they agreed with the statement, “Sales, marketing and customer service are effectively aligned on customer wants and needs.” Only 35% of all respondents agreed. That means almost two-thirds of sales organizations don’t feel they’re aligned with other customer-facing departments. 

By contrast, that same study pulled out world-class sales teams from the list and found that 95% of them said they were aligned with other teams and departments. That’s no coincidence, as collaboration breeds sales success. A remarkable 73% of sales teams say collaborating across departments is absolutely critical or very important to their overall sales process.

So why do so many sales organizations feel a lack of alignment? A lot of it has to do with a lack of communication that can be attributed to disparate tools. Sales teams live in HubSpot. Marketing teams might live in Trello or Asana. Customer service teams live in Zendesk. And when the time comes for these teams to collaborate, teams are being forced to ditch the tools they’re used to, that they work in every day. This hinders both their desire and their ability to effectively collaborate with one another.

The new Unito HubSpot integration eliminates that challenge. By integrating HubSpot with nine other work management tools, it creates opportunities for easy, efficient communication and collaboration between teams. 

  • Sales can assign tasks to the marketing team and monitor progress without ever hosting a meeting or switching tools.
  • Customer success can push warm leads from Zendesk to HubSpot as tasks. 
  • Developers can keep sales looped into product developments that could help them close deals. 
  • Team leaders can oversee sales tasks underway and provide approvals or guidance from the tool of their choice.

How to set up the Unito HubSpot integration

1. Create a Unito account with HubSpot

Visit the Unito sign-up page and choose HubSpot from the list of integrations. Then click to continue.

2. Grant HubSpot access

Authorize Unito to access your HubSpot account, so that it can sync information into other work management tools.

3. Create new sync

Click “Add Sync”. Then select a template, choose Hubspot on one side, and choose the second tool you want to sync on the other side. You will be asked to grant Unito that access as well.

4. Launch it!

Choose which tasks you’d like to sync, and how you’d like the integration to work, based on super customizable filters and mapping options. Hit ‘save and sync’ and then watch the magic happen! 

Unito’s HubSpot integration is an easy way to foster collaboration across teams. Give your sales team the resources they need to speed up the sales process and crush their goals. 

You can try Unito for free for two weeks!

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