Free Webinar: Using Unito for Remote Work Success

Using Unito for Remote Work Success

Update 9/15: We’ve just released a brand new workflow management offering featuring a visual workflow designer! Learn more and try it out today!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common problems facing remote teams
  • How Unito can be used to address those remote work challenges
  • And how to set up and manage remote workflows with Unito

Keeping your personal to-do list organized and prioritized.

Maintaining visibility into the work of your team and keeping leaders informed.

Staying aligned on complex, cross-functional projects. 

These are the areas that people and teams often struggle with when they shift to working remotely. They just so happen to also be areas that Unito can help you tackle head on. 

Unito’s deep, two-way integrations allow you to regain the productivity and visibility that you lose when you lose the office. It gives everyone — from the top of your organization down — the opportunity to track information across teams and tools, and make sure that important work is moving forward. Unito isn’t another tool to learn; it’s the magic operating in the background that allows you to build efficient remote workflows

Watch Laura Di Costanzo, Unito Product Manager, and Jordan Burrows, Unito’s Support Developer, to discover just how powerful Unito can be for remote organizations.  

Watch the webinar above^