Productivity (page 14)

There’s always more work to get done. In these articles, you’ll find techniques and ideas for increasing your productivity without burning out.

How to Choose the Right Leadership Styles For Your Team

It’s not easy choosing the right leadership styles for maximizing each of your team member’s productivity. You’ll learn everything you need to know here, based on Psychologist Robert House’s Path-Goal Theory.

How to Export GitHub Issues to GitLab and Bitbucket and Keep Them in Sync

Want to test out using a platform like GitLab or Bitbucket in parallel with your GitHub repo? Learn how to export GitHub issues with this easy guide.

Two people standing at the bottom of two ladders, one with more rungs than the other, representing performance management.

The 4-Step Performance Management System (Plus Extra Tips)

Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about driving your team forward and ensuring they reach objectives through performance management.

Collaborating with Developers? Here’s Why You Should Build A Growth Marketing Team

Learn why building a growth marketing team is the most effective solution for collaboration issues between marketing and developers.

WorkFlowy vs. Dynalist

WorkFlowy vs. Dynalist for Building To-Do Lists

Learn why outliners like WorkFlowy and Dynalist are a great option for individuals looking to keep simple projects and tasks organized.

How to Save Time With Batch Operations on Asana Tasks

Asana tips and tricks: Learn how to save time by tackling tasks in batches, rather than one at a time!

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How To Nail Team Leadership By Adopting a Growth Mindset

Learn how to maximize your team leadership skills by developing a growth mindset.

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3 Easy Ways to Add Agile Methodology to Your GitHub Projects While Keeping Developers Happy

Learn how to use GitHub Projects, ZenHub, and Trello to add agile methodology to your developers’ workflow. A step-by-step, easy-to-read guide.

Asana Hack: Stay Efficient with Quick Add

Asana hacks: A step-by-step tutorial on how to create tasks, projects, and conversations from your phone, any webpage (through a chrome extension) and via email.

How To Organize Your Asana Project By Converting Tasks To Subtasks

Are your Asana task lists longer than CVS receipts? Learn how to shorten them and get organized by converting some tasks to subtasks. Step by step tutorial.

An Oldie But Goodie: 5 Benefits To Using Basecamp

Learn about some of the top perks of using Basecamp for project management, as well as how it compares to other popular PM tools. Screenshots included!