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Whenever we release new features or update our product, you’ll find these updates right here.

How to Easily Integrate Salesforce with Wrike

You can integrate Salesforce + Wrike without writing a single line of code through Unito’s 2-way automated solution for professional services.

How to Sync Zendesk Tickets with Wrike Tasks Automatically

Streamline your customer support workflows by syncing Zendesk tickets with Wrike tasks using a Unito flow. Here’s how.

Syncing Miro with Wrike

How to Sync Miro Cards with Tasks in Wrike or Other Tools Automatically

Follow this step-by-step guide to turn Miro cards into Wrike tasks with Unito’s two-way sync, compatible with dozens of leading work apps.

Integrate Wrike Excel with Unito

How to Sync Wrike with Microsoft Excel to Speed Up Reporting

Deliver reports quickly and efficiently with Unito’s two-way integration that populates Excel spreadsheets with Wrike task data automatically.

Big News: Unito Is Now Soc 2 Type II Compliant

This certification is a reflection of the measures a company takes to protect its users data. Here’s what it means, and why this commitment matters to us.

Wrike Google Sheets Two Way Sync

How to Export Wrike Tasks to Google Sheets

Here’s how to automatically export Wrike tasks to a report in Google Sheets with Unito’s two-way sync for professionals.

Wrike Airtable Unito Two Way Sync

How to Sync Wrike Tasks with Airtable Records

Sync tasks and records between Airtable and Wrike with Unito’s automated no-code, 2-way integration for professionals.

Asana GitHub integration visual

Webinar: Assigning GitHub Issues from Asana

Your development team loves GitHub, everyone else loves Asana. Is the solution to give up GitHub? Copy and paste updates? No. The solution is syncing updates with Unito.

This Just In! Unito’s New Funding and What’s Next!

We’ve just raised $20 million in our Series B funding! Thank you to everyone who’s been with us so far, and thank you to our new partners. Here’s more about what this important step means for Unito.

Airtable Google Calendar two-way Sync

How to Sync Airtable Records with Google Calendar Events

Share tasks, records, and other time-sensitive work data between Airtable and Google Calendar with Unito’s automated 2-way sync

Asana Airtable Sync

How to Easily Sync Asana Tasks with Airtable Records

Learn how to sync Asana tasks and Airtable records with Unito’s two-way no-code integration for professionals.