Keep your software development teams agile

Empower devs to collaborate across departments without leaving their preferred interface through a 2-way workflow integration for Jira or GitHub. Unito helps you sync tasks, issues, spreadsheets, and calendars from one tool to the next and vice versa.

"Every day, we use Unito to sync between our Github issue board and our inhouse Jira board. Unito brings transparency to both community and in-house engineers and saves us huge amount of time."

Han Xiao , Founder & CEO @ Jina AI

Stay in sync with a streamlined solution

Agile software development relies on close collaboration across tools, roles, and teams. Unito helps you sync key data: from tasks and issues, to spreadsheets, calendars and more in real-time through an intuitive, no-code automated workflow.

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Coordinate each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle

Unito automates much of the busywork involved in each phase of SDLC to help you coordinate product delivery with other departments: consolidate community issues from multiple sources to prepare a master plan, close and report on bug fixes, or centralize sprint development into one space even as work happens across multiple code repositories or projects.

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Report strategically on any initiative

Build in-depth reports on the status of initiatives by syncing your software development or Git tool to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable. This workflow can also be designed to prioritize feature requests through the flexibility of a modular spreadsheet.

Learn how to build dynamic progress reports

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Align on any product timeline

Sync key project release dates or event details from your software development tool into a team or business Google Calendar so everyone can maintain visibility on major milestone timelines across the business.

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Collaborate on development roadmaps

Share and update a dynamic roadmap or plan with key stakeholders, and collaborate with other departments in real-time by syncing data bidirectionally from dev or Git tools to apps used by other teams. Everyone can access and update the same information from their preferred interface.

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Uniting Developers and PMs with Asana, Github, and Slack

"With Unito, our engineers can stay in GitHub and give real-time updates asynchronously. That means our PMs in Asana know the true status of a ticket without disrupting anyone, helping us ship more value to our customers faster." - Alexandre Rimthong, Platform Lead.

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