Unito for Customer Success

With Unito, customer success managers can use powerful two-way integrations for work tools to coordinate with other teams faster, automate ticket escalation, and dramatically improve customer retention.

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"In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more Hubspot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference."

Milan Soekhai , Digital Marketing Manager @ Krijgsman Retail Services

How Unito helps customer success teams excel

From escalating tickets to collaborating with technical teams, customer success workflows depend on working quickly and efficiently across tools.

Automated reporting

Automate reports on key customer success metrics so stakeholders and executives can spot trends and contribute to initiatives.

Cross-functional collaboration

Build two-way integrations between ticketing tools and your technical team's stack to speed up ticket escalation and collaboration.

Increased productivity

With less time spent manually copying and pasting data across tools and channels, customer success teams can get more done.

Faster communication

Get support from other teams in real-time without leaving your tool of choice and keep everyone in the loop across platforms.

The median salary of a customer success manager is $79,500 in the US. If you save them just one minute per day, that’s $177 per year. Unito can save dozens of customer success agents, managers, and leaders hours per month. That’s a lot of minutes and a lot of money.

How valuable is Unito?

Tool overflow can leave organizations disjointed and siloed. This can have a negative impact on alignment and collaboration, leading to wasted time and money. Use this to estimate the value Unito can bring back to your business.

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Estimates calculated based on user data for tool activity and manual tasks, and US-based hourly salaries.