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A paint roller rolling red paint onto a green background, representing the product backlog.

What Is a Product Backlog?

Feature requests, bugs, and infrastructure changes are just a few of the things that developers have to deal with. Wondering how product teams stay on top of everything they need to take care of? Two words. Product backlog.

Unito Product Updates

Unito Product Updates: A Master List

An ongoing list of all the updates, big and small, made to Unito.

An illustration of two people holding up a diagram, representing product roadmap software.

The 7 Best Examples of Product Roadmap Software

Product roadmap software are designed to streamline your product management process. Here are some of the best.

Logos for multiple product management tools.

8 Essential Product Management Tools

The right product management tool can streamline software development, facilitate project management, and more. Here are eight of the best.

A dog collar with a tag that says product. Represents the product owner.

The Product Owner: Who They Are and What They Do

Product owner and product manager are one word apart, but how different are they in practice? Read on to learn about product owners and what they do.

Scissors and a comb, representing backlog grooming

How Backlog Grooming Helps Your Dev Team Get More Done

Heart palpitations. The trickle of cold sweat down the back of your neck. The clawing sense that you’re drowning under a wave of unfinished tasks. You realize the one thing that was supposed to keep you organized is now the source of your anxiety: your product backlog has gotten out of control. What do you do now?

An illustration of a road, representing a product roadmap.

What Is a Product Roadmap? (With Tools and Templates)

There was a time when you needed to keep maps in your glove compartment just in case you got lost. Any company that needs to make sure they don’t stray from their core goals need a product roadmap to keep everyone aligned. Here’s what that is and how to build one.

An illustration of post-its on a board, representing product management.

What Is Product Management?

Coming up with an idea for a new product is easy. Go to a hackathon or a startup meetup, and you’ll hear “this is the Uber of X” over and over again. The challenge is […]

Software Development Backlog Workflow

What Is a Software Development Backlog Workflow?

Messy backlogs and constant emails can be huge distractions. Learn how to avoid both in your software development backlog workflow.

Flow state

Why Achieving a Flow State Will Make You More Productive

Work can be something of a rollercoaster. One way to stop that from happening is regularly entering the flow state. Here’s how it’s done.

A cross hatch on a blue background.

How To Manage Your Cross-Functional Team With Agile

Learn how to maximize your cross-functional team’s effectiveness with an easy tutorial on agile methodology.