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Emotional intelligence skills for project managers

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers: Strategies and Resources

Learn why emotional intelligence is such a crucial skill for project managers, and actionable tips and tricks for improving your emotional intelligence.

Julie Jeanotte, OfficeVibe

Officevibe’s Julie Jeannotte on Improving Collaboration with Relational Intelligence

Officevibe’s Julie Jeannotte, in her role as Employee Engagement Expert and Lead Researcher, has found the right formula for improving remote collaboration, and it relies on relational intelligence.

Cans connected by a tangled up string, representing conflict resolution skills

We Read 50 Articles on Conflict Resolution Skills So You Don’t Have To

Even the tightest teams will run into issues. But if you want to turn conflict into an opportunity rather than a cliff dive, you need the right skills.

Corine Tan Sike Insights

Konas’ Corine Tan on the Importance of Soft Skills for Remote Management

We spoke with Corine Tan about how perceptions of remote work have changed and why she feels soft skills are the key to remote management success.

A stack of books next to a coffee mug and a small plant

We Read 100 Articles on Leadership So You Don’t Have To

When it comes to leadership, there’s no single path from “good” to “great.” That said, you can use conventional wisdom to guide you. Here are some of the most common must-have leadership traits — and some less common ones.

Project Manager Jobs

6 PMs Reveal How They Got Their First Project Manager Jobs (And How You Can Too)

Looking to get into the project management field? We asked six project managers for their tips on getting started — and how they got their first job.

Project Manager Skills

Essential Project Manager Skills According to 6 PMs

What’s the most important manager skill? What about the least important? We asked 6 project managers for their take.

Remote management

Remote Management: What Leaders Need to Consider When Going Remote

Read on to discover real solutions to the issues and challenges facing managers as their workforce evolves into a remote experience.

How Habit Stacking Builds Habits That Last

Do you struggle to build new habits? Learn how using habit stacking can help you implement them and make them last.

Project management skills

6 Essential Project Management Skills in 2021

A project manager’s job description can often look like the combination of many distinct roles. We recommend mastering the following essential project management skills.

How to Choose the Right Leadership Styles For Your Team

It’s not easy choosing the right leadership styles for maximizing each of your team member’s productivity. You’ll learn everything you need to know here, based on Psychologist Robert House’s Path-Goal Theory.