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Build powerful Notion workflows

Unito’s two-way Notion integration saves you time and effort by pulling in key data and information from your other work tools, allowing you to collaborate and manage projects from within your primary workspace.

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Popular Notion integrations

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Connect Notion and Trello

Organize key projects and tasks in a digestible way within Notion while collaborating with contractors and clients who use Trello.

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Connect Notion and HubSpot

Automatically populate client-driven tasks logged in Notion within their HubSpot profiles to efficiently track customer-facing work.

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Connect Notion and Jira

Visualize your product roadmap in Notion, while syncing issues to and from Jira for easy sprint planning.

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Connect Notion and GitHub

Use Notion to establish clear development processes and coordinate releases happening in GitHub.

"It has simplified my workflows immensely - I honestly could not run my business without it."

Jessica Lorraine , Founder @ Lorraine Virtual

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