Trello + Basecamp Integration

Sync and filter cards, to dos, projects, boards, assignees, custom fields, and more to collaborate across these two easy-to-use tools.


How this integration works

How does Unito work?

Sign up

1. Sign up

Sign up to Unito and authorize access to both Trello and Basecamp.

Choose what to sync

2. Choose what to sync

Select Trello and pick the board you want to sync. Then pick the destination project within Basecamp (or vice versa).


3. Filter

If you don’t want to share everything between the tools, add filters to specify which boards, projects, cards, and to dos you want to sync.

Map your fields and launch

4. Map your fields and launch

Unito will attempt to match fields on your behalf but you should review and adjust as needed. Then “create sync” and you’re done.

What Unito syncs

Title Two-way sync arrow Title
Description Two-way sync arrow Description
Comments Two-way sync arrow Comments
List Two-way sync arrow To Do List name
Labels Two-way sync arrow Description footer
Assignee Two-way sync arrow Assignee
Due date Two-way sync arrow Due date
Attachments One way sync arrow (right) Description footer

I like that it does what it says - syncs Trello boards to one another! You set each sync up once and then you don’t really need to think about it again. It does the work for me.

Jamie L Production Administrator

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