Unito vs HubSpot's Data Sync

HubSpot's Data Sync can send contact information from dozens of apps to HubSpot. But if you need a custom 2-way workflow that syncs contacts, tasks, deals or other items, Unito is your best HubSpot Data Sync alternative.

How we compare
Price points
(starting at, per month)
$45 $46
Ease of use Easy Easy
Sync and automation 2-way 2-way
Customizability Extensive Extensive
Historical syncing Yes Yes
Live training workshops No Yes
Set up efficiency Simple, no-code Simple, no-code
Onboarding time Minutes Minutes
Integration types Contacts Contacts, deals, organizations, tickets, tasks, tables and more
Integrations 80 50

Note: this is a comparison between Unito's Company plan and Hubspot Operations Hub's Starter plan. Learn more on our pricing page.

"In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more HubSpot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference."

Milan Soekhai , Digital Marketing Manager @ Krijgsman Retail Services

Narrow focus or flexibility?

HubSpot's Operations Hub lets you sync data from dozens of tools to HubSpot and back with a focus on contact management. But what if you need to sync tasks, issues, or tickets? Only Unito lets you build two-way flows that sync work items across development tools, work hubs, support management tools, CRMs, and more.

Their tools or yours?

With HubSpot's Operations Hub, your work has to go through HubSpot at some point. But if you need tasks to live in a work hub or just prefer a different CRM, the solution is clear. Unito lets you use the tools you want, however you want, while ensuring you always have the latest data when and where you need it most.

Solo troubleshooting or dedicated support?

When your teams rely on complex workflows, you don't always have time to troubleshoot a complex integration solution. With HubSpot's Operations Hub, you're left to your own devices. Unito subscribers have access to our live support team dedicated to helping you get each flow working the way you want it to. Unito Team plans and up enjoy dedicated support at no extra cost.

Features you'll find only in Unito

Real-time 2-way syncing

A bidirectional, or 2-way, sync gives everyone access to the information they need in the tools they're already using. Anything you connect with Unito can be synced in real-time, so it's always up-to-date in your interface of choice.

Complete customizability

Only Unito syncs your data with a range of fields and rules to build deeply customized workflows that match your needs with precision, no coding knowledge or IT support required.

Subtasks and hierarchies

Organize your work how you see fit, even when collaborating across tools. Unito syncs subtasks so you can capture information hierarchies and sync data between even the most complex projects.

Attachment streaming

You shouldn't have to leave your preferred app to get the attachments you need. Unito provides access to documents, images, and more without needing an account for both tools.

Industry-leading support

Many of our plans come with a free onboarding session so you can start off on the right foot with our live support staff.

More work items

HubSpot's Data Sync only syncs data from contacts. With Unito, you can sync HubSpot tasks and deals, as well as a host of work items from other tools.

Gain an extra work day with Unito

"Unito allows us to have the right project management tool and the right development tool so teams can get done what they need to get done without either of them having to sacrifice."

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