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Build powerful Google Sheets workflows

Save time by automatically pulling information into Google Sheets from the other work tools in your stack (or vice versa) with Unito’s powerful two-way integrations.

Popular Google Sheets integrations

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Connect Google Sheets and Trello

Build a two-way integration between Google Sheets and Trello to better track and manager team or campaign budgets.

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Connect Google Sheets and Salesforce

Sync sales, retention, churn, and other key metrics from HubSpot to Google Sheets to automate your tracking.

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Connect Google Sheets and Airtable

Collaborate and exchange data with clients, contractors, or contributors using Airtable with Unito’s Google Sheets integration.

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Connect Google Sheets and Jira

Use data logged in Google Sheets to help feed development roadmapping and sprint planning in Jira.

"We use the same solution to create team dashboards—giving leaders visibility into the workflow of their direct reports. It's like someone flipped on the light switch. Now communication, tasks and status flow seamlessly across boards, teams and org structures."

Doug Casellini , Sr. Digital Marketing Manager @ Premier Research

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