Use case: Task Management

How XRay.Tech powers onboarding between Notion and Airtable

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Use case

Task Management

"There's this binary choice of automation software right now: a handful of companies do synchronization, and a handful do custom flows. Unito does both."

Tom Nassr , CEO @ Xray Tech

Initial challenge: Setting up Notion pages and Airtable records for every new customer

The team at XRay use Notion as their work hub and Airtable to run many of the automations they’ve created for workflows. They have a master database in Notion with every single task the company has on its plate. When they add a customer, a new page is created for them with associate tasks listed back in that database. But adding a new customer can create up to 60 new tasks, and CEO Tom Nassr didn’t want onboarding to be a single person’s job.

“We’re trying to set a standard. Adding a new customer shouldn’t create more manual work.”

Tom Nassr, CEO, XRay Tech

Solution: Syncing Airtable and Notion with Unito to automate task creation

Thanks to Unito, they don’t have to choose between Airtable or Notion, they can continue to use both with a simple 2-way automation. It all starts in a Notion database called “automated tasks.” Unito tags anything associated with customer onboarding and syncs it to an Airtable base. That means any changes made to tasks in Notion will be reflected in Airtable without interrupting the workflow.

From there, Tom uses Integromat to automatically create a Notion record in the appropriate “Members” database for their new customer. That record is then populated with the latest versions of all onboarding tasks. Instead of one person having to create 60 new tasks every time a new customer is onboarded, XRay can rely on a completely automated process.

“Unito integrates Notion with Airtable. I don’t know of any other synchronization tool that can. It’s as simple as that.”

Results: Scaling the customer onboarding process rapidly

Unito has saved XRAY hours of time that would otherwise be spent creating tasks after adding any new customers. It keeps work items in sync across their stack with a simple, but powerful functionality. Now, Tom can focus on the growth of his company without worrying about anyone having to manually create tasks to onboard their next big customer.

Unito’s internal estimates of X.Ray’s usage (a combination of items in sync and users working with Unito workflows) calculates approximately 24+ hours and $2,000 USD saved per week in time that would otherwise be spent on manually replicating the same workflow.

A headshot of Tom Nassr, XRay.Tech's CEO

“Our workflow is only possible because of Unito. I’ve looked at other similar services but it’s not possible anywhere else because of Unito’s integration for Notion and Airtable.”

Tom Nassr, CEO at XRay.Tech

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Automation specialists and redundancy eliminators, XRay.Tech works with businesses of all sizes to streamline their workflows. CEO Tom Nassr describes the company as a sort of Chief Automation Officer for hire. XRay’s customers depend on them to find and fill the gaps in their workflows and help everyone do their best work.