Use case: Task Management

How Udacity students built a custom tool stack with Trello, Asana, Airtable and ClickUp




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Use case

Task Management

"Unito's features are crucial to getting data across tool barriers without jumping through hoops. As a visual person, the workflow designer in particular made it easy for me to connect the branches and just know the data flow was going the right way."

Erica Hawkins , Independent Consultant @ Udacity

Erica Hawkins is an independent consultant studying Full-Stack Web Development at Udacity. For a time, she was relying on a combination of physical papers and notebook apps to manage her workload.

She slowly discovered the benefits of project management software as she introduced her team to Trello, Asana, Airtable, and ClickUp.

Initial challenge: Getting disparate tools to talk to each other

But even though Erica had found the right tools, she then realized she needed a way to have each tool work in tandem with the others. Before turning to Unito, Erica tried using, but there were a few problems with the platform.

“During COVID, I had papers everywhere and filled every notebook I had. After learning about Trello, Asana, AirTable and ClickUp I started working more efficiently. But I needed more help. I tried, but it didn’t offer a 2-way sync out of the box and it was expensive. It wasn’t worth it, so I needed something else.”

Erica Hawkins, Independent Consultant, Udacity

Solution: Creating a streamlined system to connect every app

Unito allowed Erica to build a tool stack that did exactly what she needed it to while staying within her budget. Now, she only needs to make changes in one tool while Unito updates the others when and where applicable based on rules and filters set by Erica. That means everything’s up to date from one source to another, and she can focus on optimizing her system without needing to double-check any fine details. Erica built flows that enable each tool to shine in its own way:

  • Asana tracks deadlines and priorities;
  • Trello manages mood boards, lesson breakdowns, project plans, etc.;
  • ClickUp is the one-stop shop to track progress on individual tasks and large projects;
  • Airtable helps Erica study with handy flashcard templates.

Results: Syncing student work to save on major costs

Before Unito, Erica was spending $70 a month just to have the tools she needed to get her work done. Now, she has been able to integrate some of the most popular work management tools on the market with the features she needed and the savings speak for themselves. Between her Unito plan, Airtable, ClickUp, Trello, and Asana, accounts she’s more productive than ever.

According to Unito’s internal calculations, the Udacity team is saving $1000 in operational costs considering the manual effort, time and resources it would require to match Erica’s output with Unito.

“Unito helps me excel in school, get more out of my courses, support my team, and achieve better quality work faster than ever before.”

Erica Hawkins, Independent Consultant, Udacity

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