Use case: Task Management

How Netalico supports Clients in Asana, Basecamp, and Trello automatically


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Use case

Task Management

Netalico CTO Mark Lewis

"Unito saves us time we can use to pay attention to what really matters: solving our customers’ ecommerce challenges."

Mark Lewis , Founder @ Netalico Commerce

Find out how Mark Lewis, Founder of Netalico Commerce, created a seamless experience for BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify e-commerce merchants with Trello, Asana, and Basecamp.

The initial challenge: Collaborating with clients in Trello, Basecamp and Asana

When Netalico Founder Mark Lewis needed to prioritize his team’s projects for any given week, he relied on two methods. First, he would check each client’s Trello, Basecamp, or Asana accounts for updates, and then review his team’s internal shared inbox management system. Any updates would then have to be manually copied over to Netalico’s internal Asana projects. While Asana’s multi-home feature is great for collaborating within one organization or workspace, it’s not as useful when you need to hop into another.

 “There was a huge loss of time looking for updates, copying them back to our system, or simply having to sort through hundreds of emails. Having too many sources of communication created additional confusion. Everyone had to remember whether they said something in Slack, email, or a task manager.”

Mark Lewis, Founder, Netalico

The solution: Managing the flow of information with a single Unito workspace

Recognizing a need to work more efficiently and stop important updates from falling through the cracks, Mark discovered Unito and used it to automate the flow of information. He connected Netalico’s Asana projects with his clients’ platforms through a series of one-way workflows. In Mark’s case, they chose one-way integrations so that only tasks created in his clients’ tools would appear in Netalico’s Asana projects, and not the other way around. It was important that not all changes made internally wound up in a client’s project. 

Now, Mark’s team uses a Netalico account in a given client’s tool of choice to share updates, which are then reflected in Asana along with any comments or changes made by the client. Netalico made use of Unito’s flexible range of rules and field mappings to ensure that only crucial updates would sync with their workflow. 

“Since the sync is one-way, we can discuss things internally while keeping the customer’s boards clean of noise. There’s no need to be constantly checking for updates, and we don’t need to figure out if there have been any changes without us noticing.”

The results: Over $3,000 USD and 30 hours saved each week through automated time management

The biggest difference for the Netalico team was the amount of time saved. Crucial updates were synced automatically without anyone having to switch tools or check long email threads. 

Since modern agencies use so many tools to get things done, it’s easy for a crucial bit of information to get lost in one channel without ever getting to its recipient.

For Mark Lewis and the team at Netalico, not having to copy and paste information across tools for every single client means their clients get more for their money. That’s good for business and good for everyone involved.

“Unito saves us time we can use to pay attention to what really matters; solving our customers’ e-commerce challenges.”

Here’s how to Sync Trello and Asana

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