An illustration of two people high-fiving under logos for Wrike and Jira.

Webinar: How to Boost Project Visibility Across Wrike and Jira

When your devs are in Jira and everyone else is in Wrike, it’s not always easy to collaborate and stay up-to-date on progress. You need to catch up with people 1:1, attend meetings, and manually review and provide status updates in multiple tools.

Luckily, Unito offers an automated solution that can save your teams time, effort, and mitigate confusion.

Wrike Sync, powered by Unito, enables teams to collaborate on Jira issues within Wrike through a no-code, 2-way integration. Find out more in this quick webinar!

Watch this pre-recorded Wrike – Jira webinar:

Join product specialists Fanny Laveau and Marc Dikranian from Unito, as well as Wrike’s Cari Slocum to see exactly how fast and easy it is to turn Jira issues into Wrike tasks and vice versa automatically:

  • Extend visibility on dev work to non-technical stakeholders in Wrike
  • Enjoy automatic updates in both tools to save time and energy
  • Collaborate more efficiently between business and development teams

About Wrike Sync

Powered by Unito, this fully embeddable Wrike add-on allows for 2-way syncing between spreadsheets, CRMs, support tools, and other software, without ever leaving Wrike. When a task is created in Wrike, it can appear in Jira as an issue, or vice versa. No code required.