Logos for Notion and Unito, representing Unito's new Notion integration
Build Better Workflows With Unito’s Newest Integration
Logos for Notion and Unito, representing Unito's new Notion integration

Build Better Workflows With Unito’s Newest Integration

Get more out of your favorite tool with Unito’s latest integration

Have you ever wished there was a single tool that could do it all? A flexible platform that you could use to build whatever solution you needed? Better yet, what if that platform could sync seamlessly with all the other tools your team was using? If your mind went to Notion, but you wished it could integrate with your whole tool stack, then this integration is for you.

With Unito, you get access to the deepest two-way integrations on the market between some of the world’s leading work tools. That means updates and tasks in any tool can be accessed by anyone across your organization, no matter what platform they prefer. Read on to learn about Unito’s Notion integration and what it can do for your workflows.

What is Notion?

Notion is a tool that allows teams to build custom solutions that can slot into their tool stack along dedicated platforms. The tool’s flexibility comes from its block system, which users can put together to suit their needs. With Notion, you can create a Kanban board, a spreadsheet, a wikis, and more all for the same project. Schedule tasks, manage files, organize work, and more all in a single tool.

Notion is widely used to build dynamic wikis by software teams who use tools like Jira and GitHub. It’s also used as a personal work management tool by collaborators who are part of teams that prefer other tools.

What is a beta integration?

Beta integrations are the first step an integration takes after being voted off the upcoming integrations page. By releasing a beta version, we allow users like you to jump in and start using it sooner, even if every single feature isn’t quite ready yet. This gives you the chance to test out the integration, and we get better insights into what you need out of it.

There are a few key differences between a beta integration and what it’ll look like when it’s fully launched. You can find all these differences in our Help Center article. However, here are some key points.

Things you can do with our Notion integration

  • Map supported fields: While Unito automatically maps similar fields to cover most use cases, you can customize this further to fit your needs. Check out our Help Center for more information on supported fields.
  • Filter by supported fields: With Unito rules, you can control just how much information goes from Notion to the rest of your tool stack — and vice-versa. Our Help Center has the full list of fields you can use to build rules.

Things you can’t do (yet!)

  • Sync attachments: You won’t be able to sync attachments to (and from) Notion just yet.
  • Rich text: That means no emojis 😞

We use beta integrations to make sure we build solutions you’ll actually want to use. That way, our roadmap reflects your needs. If you run into any problems — or you have an idea of features we should prioritize — please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is invaluable as we work to take Notion from beta to a full-fledged integration!