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How XRay.Tech Powers Their Onboarding Workflow With Unito and Integromat
Logos for Notion, Airtable, and Xray.

How XRay.Tech Powers Their Onboarding Workflow With Unito and Integromat

Automation specialists and redundancy eliminators, XRay.Tech works with businesses of all sizes to streamline their workflows. Tom Nassr, XRay’s CEO, describes the company as a sort of Chief Automation Officer for hire. XRay’s customers depend on them to find and fill the gaps in their workflows and help everyone do their best work.

So when XRay needed to revamp their own workflows, who did they turn to? Here’s why they chose Unito for their customer onboarding workflow.

The ask

“Adding a new customer shouldn’t create more manual work.”

Tom Nassr, XRay’s CEO

Tom didn’t want customer onboarding — and all the tasks that come with it — to be a single person’s job. Adding a new customer can create up to 60 new tasks, and no one should have to create that many tasks manually. But the principle of the thing mattered to Tom, too: “We’re trying to set a standard,” he says.

The folks at XRay use Notion as their work hub. They have a database — “All Tasks” — that serves as a master database, with every single task the company has on its plate. When they add a new customer, a new page is created for them, with associate tasks listed back in that database.

XRay also uses Airtable to power many of the automations they’ve created for their workflows. So to automate their customer onboarding workflow, they needed a way to bridge the gap between Airtable and Notion.

The workflow

XRay uses Airtable, Notion, Integromat, and Unito to power this workflow.

The work starts in Notion, in a database called “automated tasks.” The tasks associated with customer onboarding are tagged, which highlights them for this workflow. XRay then uses Unito to sync each of these tasks to an Airtable base. This closes the gap between the two tools and keeps everything updated. That means any changes made to the tasks in Notion — following, say, an update to a specific onboarding task — will be reflected in Airtable without interrupting the workflow itself.

From there, Tom uses Integromat to automatically create a new Notion record in the appropriate “Members” database for their new customer. That record is then populated with the latest versions of all onboarding tasks to be created in the “All Tasks” database while linking all these tasks to the newly created customer.

Instead of one person having to create 60 new tasks every time a new customer is onboarded, XRay can rely on a completely automated process.

Why Unito?

Unito has the right integration

“Unito integrates Notion with Airtable. I don’t know of another synchronization tool that does that.”

Tom Nassr, XRay’s CEO

Unito has integrations for more than 20 of the market’s leading work tools. That means it can power all kinds of use cases, like:

Airtable and Notion are both incredibly flexible tools. While there’s a lot of overlap between them, the technical teams at XRay love Airtable for the flexibility of its API. It allows them to build their own solutions in-house to power all kinds of work. But they prefer Notion as their work hub. Thanks to Unito, they don’t have to choose between the two — or use manual work to pair them.

It’s the missing piece

“There’s this binary choice of automation software right now. A handful of companies do synchronization, and a handful do custom flows.“

Tom Nassr, XRay’s CEO

If you were working on a renovation project, would you want a toolbox full of hammers? Or would you rather have a variety of tools?

Solutions like Integromat are great for building customized, automated workflows that link tools. They work best when you have enough technical knowledge to tailor their platform to your specific use case.

Conversely, Unito is best at one thing: keeping work items in sync across tools. That simple — but powerful — functionality can keep wildly different tools completely in sync, so you never have to update anything manually again. It satisfies a broad range of use cases but does a very different job than dedicated automation tools.

Tom’s workflow needs both of these tools to thrive. Unito can keep items in sync across platforms without much oversight. Meanwhile, Integromat gives Tom the ability to build the exact workflows he needs to get the most of the solutions he builds into Airtable.

Because of his technical expertise — and Unito’s integration for Notion and Airtable — Tom can focus on the growth of his company without worrying about anyone having to manually create tasks any time they onboard their next big customer.

A headshot of Tom Nassr, XRay.Tech's CEO

“Our workflow is only possible because of Unito. I’ve looked at other similar services but it’s not possible anywhere else because of Unito’s integration for Notion and Airtable.”

Tom Nassr, CEO at XRay.Tech

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