Basecamp Integration

Stay organized, reduce unnecessary meetings, and work better across teams with Basecamp and Unito.

Who Uses
Unito and Basecamp

  • Marketers who require the support of developers on technical projects.
  • Salespeople who need support on customer tickets or issues.
  • Project managers trying to organize multiple teams on a single initiative.

How Basecamp and Unito can help you cut down on meetings:

Unito and Basecamp

Basecamp is a veteran among project management tools, with over three million accounts signed up since 2004. People love Basecamp for its simplicity: simple pricing, simple functionality, and simple organization mean a simpler workday. The tool really emphasizes keeping everything in a single place, from task management to messaging.

For individuals and teams using Basecamp together, there’s no doubt that it’s a great tool for staying organized. But most teams need to collaborate with other departments, stakeholders, or clients. What happens when they’re not in Basecamp? Suddenly you’re left to track down messages, feedback, and tasks in several different tools.

With Unito, you can stick to Basecamp without sacrificing your efficiency. Collaborate with other teams without ever leaving your tool, by simply syncing to-dos as tasks in whatever software your counterpart uses. That way, you can avoid resorting to emails or meetings to communicate across teams, and you still get all of the benefits that come with collaboration.

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